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1. Reroll for Sigret and in the worst case Ravi

2. Making your 1st six star takes some time but after that it becomes a lot less hectic

3. If f2p, try to save up bookmarks and skystones for limited units or units which you might require

4. Avoid using skystones for energy refreshes as much as possible

5. Save up leifs for buff events (it's alright to use them once in a while)

6. Why reroll for Sigret ? Cuz it helps in completing Wyvern

7. First landmark is to complete Wyvern 12 at least. Then work towards Wyvern 13. I personally use G. Purrgis, Alexa, Furios and          Sigret. Furious and Alexa are easy to get. Get 100 % def break chance on Furious. Any water tank in place of G. Purrgis will do. 

8. DO NOT WASTE GOLD, unnecessarily like leveling up below par gears. Have patience.

9. Other than a few essential units, build units YOU want to use. Do not let the meta spoil the fun for you unless you are a tryhard.

10. Resources are important. Molagoras, gold, charms, skystones, leifs - use them in a calculated manner.

11. HAVE FUN !

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