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Noerr/EU Some maybe useful tips for new players.

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  • Noerr[Noerr]
  • 2021.05.31 21:31 (UTC+0)
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EU / Noerr

I've been playing over 2 years.. I think.  

I don't do RTA at all and Arena.. Ehh well I don't understand PvP so my tips are for PvE.

- Think what hero you need to promote or build. It takes time to 6star and you don't always need to max skills. (I have alot of heroes that have skills maxed and are in waiting room.. Regrets) For starters healer/tank and damage dealer go first.

- Get as soon as possible A.momo, she is very useful everywhere and making your playing alot easier, abyss, hunts, story, automation tower, you name. A must have hero as she can be fast healer or beefy tank. She probably still is one of my most used heroes.

- Don't ignore mechanics. It will get you killed very fast.

-Wyvern team! You need it. Or you're gonna run out equipment and are in trouble. Imagine having heroes and no equipment. yeah.. Been there, done that, I don't recommend to try. Then you use broken sets and pray that you can run wyvern. 

-Try different team compos/artifacts, they might suprise you.

- Do side stories and buy catalysts, mola and doggo gonna need them later for skill, promotion and awakening upgrades. Epic catalysts are hard to get.

- Use covenant summon at start to get some heroes, later save for banners. Covenant summon is tempting, I know.. but remember that low drop rate without pity. 

- Also patience, you will need it alot. Hero you really want will make you wait, sometimes very long time.

- And for last and most important tip: have fun, make friends and enjoy~  

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