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If you are a new/returning heir, you've probably spent or will spend some time looking up guides for Epic Seven.  There has been a ton of amazing changes made to the game recently that unfortunately makes some of the advice and tips floating around in the interwebs a bit obsolete.  Try and refer to the most recent content available or better yet, find and join a community of active players.  Epic Seven has an official discord server and many content creators and guilds also have their own servers filled with people that are willing to help and direct you on your journey.  

There is a ton of things to do in this game.  User interfaces, game mechanics, PvP metas, hero skills, etc. may seem confusing or overwhelming to figure out at first; but just know that the more you play the game the more familiar you will become with all of these different aspects of the game.  Just kick back, relax, and have a fun time learning and experiencing something new.  While there may be optimal heroes to build and activities to focus on first, always remember that the main purpose of a game is to have fun!  Progress through the game at your own pace and don't get discouraged if you are struggling to clear a story stage or build up that Wyvern hunt team.  You will get stronger the more you play!  You can do it Heir, I believe in you!

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