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I start to lose my mind [29]

OK, I've been playing this game for almost a year now, the story is great and all but there's one thing that always tick me off, GACHA. do they have pity like I barely get any new heroes when ever they release, JUST ONCE among all of them and that's it. Spent 4 bookmark on FLAN but keep giving me artifacts. 900 skystone for 124MYR with 1% chance is just ridiculous. Even the covenant summon I haven't got any 5* during the event with 10 free spin, what more on a hero banner. I really want to try new lineups but devs is so stingy to release their heroes. I'll bet they doesn't bother for a f2p like me nagging things like this, it doesn't improve their "business", as long as they make money, why would they care. There's tons of players out there would spent money on their game. 

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    2021.05.31 19:01 (UTC+0)

    Almost a year of playing?

    just how often do you even play.

    Ofcourse its not easy to get 5*heroes if you dont farm enough to gather resources from events and dailys.

    Though they always give away Free 4-5 summon ticket that doesnt guarantee ur luck but still thats something. Epic7 is a grind story game. U need to do the best with what u hav and focus on farming till u run out of energy. I'm a F2P aswell but i started early. Its been more than 2years and I almost always get the new Heroes released either by Luck or Pity. Because I always grind daily. Atleast clear the reputations. It'll add up without u noticing if ur playing all content which you havent cleared yet. Give it some time. Epic7 is really generous even for F2P. If u cant invest money. Invest ur time instead of complaining. And believe in ur luck. I have pitied less than i have been lucky with summons.

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    2021.05.31 19:04 (UTC+0)

    No shine during free covenant?
    Sounds normal to me kek

    If u still wanna whale tho, just get the packs. Unless you're mega whale to go for summon packs, directly buying ss is a big nono

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    2021.05.31 19:04 (UTC+0)

    If you mean rgb 5 stars, those will appear in time; I've been playing 2 years and I have almost all of them just from playing, random dailies, etc. Saving for one month will guarantee you 1 pity 5 star rgb.

    If you mean ML 5 stars......

    Keep dreaming because those come for free once a year. On your 200th pity. 😒

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    2021.05.31 19:07 (UTC+0)

    Rank1 account, ok scrub ...

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    2021.05.31 19:19 (UTC+0)

    Believe it or not, this gacha is one of the easiest one for obtaining new characters en masse.

    If you do all your dailies and weeklies, you'll be swimming in skystones and bookmarks (if not, I dunno where you spend them).

    If you've never used the secret shop mass-refresh, now would be a good time to start.

    Most gachas make it harder to get new characters because that's where they want players to spend their money.

    Here, the characters are easy to get and harder to gear (which is where the business focus is on rn).

    Moonlight units are an exception, but I consider these separately.

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    2021.05.31 19:25 (UTC+0)

    the only gacha Hell is FGO. E7 rate is cute compared to that.

    and also E7 does have pity at 121 summon.

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    2021.05.31 19:26 (UTC+0)

    You have been playing for almost a year, yet did not know that SmileGate has a pity system already incorporated into the game. Spending 900 skystones does not automatically mean that you are going to get a 5* unit, and complaining over the free covenant summons is just asinine. If you want to summon for a unit, then make sure you either have the skystones avaliable and/or the covenant bookmarks incase you have to go all the way to pity. The developers are far from being stingy.

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    2021.05.31 20:33 (UTC+0)

    the rates are very low because in this game you have a lot of free summons

    there is a free summon event right now and there was one like...2 or 3 weeks ago ?

    You need luck and patience...and luck

    so...good luck 

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    2021.05.31 20:54 (UTC+0)

    One year playing by any means, never buy bm from shop for 900 ss, use shop refresh instead, you can get both bm, mystic and if lucky very nice gear just remind to get gold before you do that 

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    2021.05.31 22:01 (UTC+0)

    My guildies and I never have problem with the rgb gacha lol we all f2p players btw lol 

    The only thing we salty about towards each others is ml summon but that's the funny part not to the point of 'losing our mind'

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    2021.06.01 01:23 (UTC+0)

    Easy solution, save a ton of bookmarks for good banners. Im f2p and i have decent heroes.

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    2021.06.01 02:12 (UTC+0)

    your summon is terrible? start craft a gear, maybe thats where your lucks gone

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    2021.06.01 02:26 (UTC+0)

    Buy monthly pack 1 and 2, and start stacking covenants

    You might save around 600 CBM a month with shop refresh

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    2021.06.01 03:08 (UTC+0)

    Just sounds like you don’t play enough or just **** a resource management to me...

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    2021.06.01 04:46 (UTC+0)

    is this like a serious post or a sarcastic post? im genuinely confused since everything you said is so far away from the truth

    maybe a casual login only player?

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    2021.06.01 09:35 (UTC+0)


    Near 3 years player here, and my bookmarks rich af.

    Yep, u just weak.

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