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Game Tips


Game Tips

[New/Returning Heir Tip] Uratanuki/Global/General Tips for New Players! [4]

UPDATED VER [OCT 2022]: https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/8940821


Hi, I'll be going over a few tips to get you going in Epic Seven!

1. Selective Summons: Try to reroll for Sigret as your 5*, she is very important for Wyvern Hunts (PVE for gear). You can also try to reroll for Angelica (used in Hunts) with Sigret, but Sigret should be prioritized the most. 

Other nice 5*s are Basar and Ravi (mainly PVP units) and Vildred and Iseria (mainly PVE, but can also be used in PVP), but prioritize Sigret if you can!

2. PVE and PVP: PVE > PVP at first, so don't worry too much about Arena! I honestly stayed in Bronze Arena until around Rank 60-ish, but you can still do some PVP if you'd like, maybe start climbing a bit. I would suggest to just work on completing Episode 1 and Unrecorded History. Once you get into Episode 2, you should start to get ready to do Hunts. I started doing Hunts when I was in mid-Episode 2-ish. 

Other than that, just grind story! You don't really need to worry about gear at this point either, using free gear is fine. And, if you ever get stuck on a stage, you can usually ask in the E7 chat (usually the early number channels, such as #1, #2, etc are active), and someone can friend request and let you use their supporter.

3. Gearing: As a new player, you don't need to worry about the gear too much. The free gear you receive are great to use early on, so just don't forget to equip them AND enhance them - if you don't enhance them, they are pretty much not helping a lot! As you play more and more, you can start gearing better (around the time you are doing hunts). Once you get to that point, you can find some YouTube videos/guides, and don't worry if you can't reach some players level of gear, you will get there eventually with time.

4. Adventurer's Path: If you ever feel lost along the way or don't know what to do, Adventurer's Path is the best thing to follow. The rewards are really nice as well, so be sure to try to complete the paths when you can!

5. Farming: To make 5* into 6*, you will have to farm to level up Phantasms. It's a bit difficult to explain here, so I recommend watching some videos about how to 6* units. You will need a farmer to do this, and you can get a free farmer, Free Spirit Tieria, that can easily clear stages. Free Spirit Tieria unlocks after you clear Stage 2-2 in Episode 1! And, since the new Moonlight Connections feature dropped, Arbiter Vildred can be used as a great farmer.

6. Moonlight Connections (Moonlight's Blessing): Arbiter Vildred > Specter Tenebria > Dark Corvus >/= Martial Artist Ken > Judge Kise. These are the best options for the connection, however feel free to pick which ever you'd prefer - the top choices are just the most useful in both PVP and PVE!

7. Hunt: You will mostly be doing Wyvern Hunt at first! Hunt is for getting new gear and materials to craft new gear for your units, and there are other small things that can drop as well. Get Furious from Connections before you do Hunt; you can unlock his connection after completing 3-10 in Episode 2. Common Hunt team comps usually include Furious (for defense break + increases crit rate), Sigret (dps + debuffs), Alexa (used often) or Seaside Bellona or Chloe, and a tank/healer (Angelica, Angelic Montmorancy, etc). 

Once you get closer to reaching Hunt 13, start to try to reach the stats of units that land debuffs to at least 60%, and your def breaker Furious to at least 180-190 speed. Lastly, if you have the Idol's Cheer artifact for your main tank/healer, it can make up for if you have low speed on your DPS.

8. Other PVE: Spirit Altar - Farm for Runes, used to awaken Heroes (makes stats better). Abyss - Do this everyday with your three compasses, it's pretty easy until Floor 50. When you reach that point, you can start purifying Abyss, which is when you gain Stigma and Gold for free. Labyrinth - Many do Azmakalis, it becomes the mid/late game lab you come back to every few day. You can get some pretty good gear, Moonlight Bookmarks, and more. Otherwise, do Area 1 in Tirel Castle. When you get there, you can buy charms to enhance gear. From the start, go East, then North, then East (you should be at the orange square with a door), then North all the way down to the next orange square. Lastly, go West from here, and you should arrive to Huche the Vagrant Merchant. Check back everyday for charms and other items! Automaton Tower - This refreshes twice a month. Try to complete the levels you can and get to the end, gaining a lot of good items along the way. Hall of Trials - Don't worry too much about your score at first, you can try to get a high one if you'd like. Try to do this every time it's open, and look at the disadvantages and advantages.  You can get Exclusive Equipment for certain heroes to make them better. Side Story - Farm to get currency to exchange for helpful items such as Covenant Bookmarks, Artifact Charms, MolaGora, and more.

9. Other General Tips:

- Try to save your MolaGora. You can buy 4 weekly. Under Shop: 2 from the Transmit Stone Shop , 1 from Conquest Points Shop, and 1 from Guild Member Shop, in the guild menu. MolaGora is used to skill enhance your heroes, so be sure to use them wisely!

- Join a guild if you can! You can get some Mystic Bookmarks (used to pull/pity for Moonlight 5* and other heroes, from doing Guild Wars. You can also get some buffs (more exp, gold, etc), and ask for tips from guild members! The official Discord has a guild recruitment channel, and the Stove forums also has a recruitment channel. 

- Spend your bookmarks wisely! Pull on drop rate banners if you really need or want a unit. I usually save for limited banners and reruns. Collab is coming soon, so try to save your bookmarks until then. A new limited Summer 5* will also be released in summer. Try to pull only when you have enough bookmarks (605) to pity.

- Check the Secret Shop and Level it up when you can. It's run by the red dude Garo in the back of the lobby. The shop can give free bookmarks!

- Don't forget to do web events daily. Click on your mailbox and you will see the current web events going on. Additionally, if you go to the Event News/Notices, you can watch ads for free energy (5 ads a day).

- Specialty change is something you can do, although it can take a while to grind for it. You can get Angelic Montmorancy here, who is helpful for hunt, and other great units for both PVP and PVE - just search them up!

- You can ask for help, guides, and more in plenty of places. The forums here, on the official Discord, and also on YouTube - there's plenty of content out there.

- Lastly, please note that you can play at your own speed and style. Don't want to do some of these things? That's cool, just have fun and don't be afraid to experiment and try out new things if you'd like!

I probably missed some things, but here are my tips for new and returning players. Good luck and have fun!

(this got pretty long, i blame my sudden want for free stuff. $10 is a lot)

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