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GW duplicate battle results (recieved 4 Offense wins) [1]

I somehow got one of my GW wins duplicated and counted as two wins. The win in question is in the battle with "DeEmperor". I earned 300 havoc for that one win and My Offense Info shows 4 wins even though I won thrice only in the Season Log, however, I received the same amount of armbands.

Not entirely sure how to replicate bug since it's based on the "Connecting..." issue I'm having since the Rise update.

  1. After completing a GW win with an opponent, click the confirm button
  2. While still connected to a stable internet connection, the game pops up the "Connecting..." screen
  3. Game shows a connection error and asks to reconnect
  4. Tap to reconnect, game shows a something something "duplicate_result" error (sorry I forgot what the specific name of the error is)
  5. Tap again, game sends me back to lobby however, my GW offense win was considered as two wins, I earned 300 havoc and my opponent's tower was destroyed from my single attack.
Thank you for your time

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    2021.05.31 15:24 (UTC+0)

    it's just a display error because of the timing of the disconnect. it has zero impact on the results of the gw. you get no extra mystics, you generated no extra havoc, and you get no extra armbands, because you actually weren't credited with 4 wins. so it's really a non-issue. especially since the stars need to align for it to even happen.

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