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Guild Recruitment

[GLOBAL] DeathxSoul is Recruiting (Urgent!)

Server : Global

Guild Lv : 14

Free Spots : 4
Level requirement : 60+
Acceptance : Private/Selective

Discord : https://discord.gg/j8nZRVvx

DxS is a new fresh semi-competitive guild. We aim to sit comfortably on 5x mystic rewards. We are now looking for ambitious players who want to grow together with us.

Requirements :

  • Lv 60+
  • Active sign-ins and donations (50k gold and 3 orbs are expected)
  • Spam Drake Claws aid request at least 3-4 days per week
  • Do guild quests as much as you can
  • Spend all guild crests in GW effectively
  • Participate in World Boss
  • No Absence more than 2 weeks without notice
  • Discord is required for all members in the guild 
  • Be motivated, Stride towards better gears and having a larger pool of lv.60 waifus heroes.

We Offer :

  • 24/7 guild buff (Assume enough donation)
  • GW and WB participation
  • Semi-competitive community of friendly end-game players to enjoy the game with
  • Stress-free, just do your best
  • Guild officers are alive and online everyday, feel free to ask/discuss/rant anything 

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