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  • 2021.05.31 11:40 (UTC+0)
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Hi New Heirs

The E7 community is so good that you will find a lot of help for the game.

Below I am sharing few tips that I believe will help someone as new player for progression in the game.


a) For selective summons, select the best Wyvern team possible. Better to select one with 5 star Sigret and 4 star Karin. Daydream joker as artifact will be a bonus.

b) Use the free heroes and complete the specialty change for Ras and Kluri

c) Get Angelica, Montmorancy and Furious from connections to help build Wyvern Team

d) For Moonlight Connections, select ML Vildred. In case you are special and very lucky to get him from daily summons, go for S.Tene or Ruele

e) Grind the Hunt and spirit alter events. 

f) Participate in all events...energy is the ultimate resource you can have by just participating in events and surveys during livestreams

g) Work on pets for Spirit Altar and Hunts first...additional resources always helps. 

h) Do not put Molagora in every hero....you cant get them back once invested.

i) Build teams for all hunts.

j) Lastly, save your bookmarks, skystones for the limited/collab heroes....you will need heroes like Landy/SSB/Diene/Dizzy

Hope you all will have good time playing the game and Enjoy. Welcome to the world of Epic 7

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