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[New/Returning Heir Tip] AlexUzumaki/Global/Best Way to Level Up Your Account

Select either Iseria or Ravi for starting (This is for easier mid-game progression. You'll want to focus on Raid to actually speed your progression since Wyvern 13 cannot be cleared consistently without proper gear. Iseria will make life a bit easier enabling you to clear harder content and possibly cheesing specific bosses and Ravi will be a really good unit overall for every content.)

- Rush Story to unlock side stories, be able to summon ML's and extra content. Also, do Unrecorded History! 

- Focus on ML Tieria 6* and possibly Kluri/Momo to clear harder content. Then your selected hero from selective summon. When upgrading the skill tree from your newly specialty changed hero, I'd suggest that you wait until there is a buff event for Spirit Altar as it will give more than your usual run. Make sure you awaken your Hero's as well!!!

- Rush Breath of Orbis. This is like passive gain on harder earned currencies. 

- {Sanctuary} Heart of Orbis (Maxed), High Command (1/1/1), Alchemist's Steeple (0/3/3), Steel Workshop (3/3/3)Leftover Orbis will go over to Forest of Souls. Respectively focus from Left to Right.(Early on, you don't farm Hunts. You're clearing content that helps you collect exclusive gear from Story/Abyss/Raid. Your main concern is collecting enough Gold/Arena Currency/Lab Currency. So rushing Heart of Orbis/High Command will net you the highest currency gain early on and continuing onwards.)

- Your next goal is to then clear Episode 2 for Ras' specialty change (He's Amazing), assuming you're still doing Abyss/Raid. In Episode 2, get the free gear from the AP shop as the gear there is very useful for your Wyvern Team. Slowly work through getting your wyvern team. This is usually the team most f2p use: Furious (Defense Breaker + Crit Buff), Alexa (Your Main DPS), Montmorancy (Your Tank), and Mistychain (Debuffs for Wyvern). One could also use Taranor Guard for Defense Break or even as a secondary DPS. After that keep upgrading your units until you can auto Wyvern 11. From then on, complete Wyvern 13 where you'll need to land a minimum of 3 debuffs so that the attack is lessened and it will focus on your front hero. 

- It is important to join an active guild where they have discord so that they can help you out when it comes to gear specific units or questions that need answers. 

-Do your daily arena battles and strive to reach Gold or Masters so that you can acquire better weekly free Skystones!

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