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The penguin mechanic is stealing phantasma's exps

So in today's buff event of 40% extra exp for units. I was leveling my dogs in Choux' story on hard difficulty. To my surprise even if my phantasma is already at max level towards the end where we can see who's the mvp of the round my blue phantasma's level reverted back into level 29.And I have to rerun again the round to make it back to the supposed level from the previous round. The pictures below is another phantasma at level 27 leveled up to 28 after the boss was killed but reverted back to level 27. This annoys me because it looks like the penguin egg is stealing those exp during this extra exp buff event. DEVS pls with this buff event prioritize at least the units in the team rather than those penguin eggs stealing those exps because it feels like this buff event is useless. Thanks in advance 

#penguineggs #stealingexp #prioritizeTeamUnits

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