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The new experience system is bad. [15]

  • NotYourWaifu
  • 2021.05.30 09:18 (UTC+0)
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Apologies in advance for the grammar, I am using google translator to compose this text. Many have already written an opinion about this and I will join the rest. It sounds like mockery when they talked about improving the system. I spent 10 minutes composing a table in excel to compare before and after. What prevented them from doing the same before making changes? I will write comparison examples. It will be simple school math. All runs were with 50% boost exp.

Before the upgrade, I used 160 energy for 20 runs. In one run I got ~4400 experience for each hero.

If i use 3 2* fodder + farmer (Lena) - 15 3* fodder

2 2* fodder + 1 phantasma (silver 21 lvl) + farmer - 10 3* fodder + 2 4* silver phantasma (for 20 runs)

1 2* fodder + 1 phantasma (silver 21 lvl) + 5* hero + farmer - 5 3* fodder + 2 4* silver phantasma + ~88000 exp 5* hero (for 20 runs)

Atter the upgrade, I used 160 energy for 20 runs. In one run I got ~3300 experience for each hero. I recieve:

If i use 3 2* fodder + farmer (Lena) - 12 3* fodder

2 2* fodder + 1 phantasma (silver 21 lvl) + farmer - 8 3* fodder + 1 4* silver phantasma (for 20 runs)

1 2* fodder + 1 phantasma (silver 21 lvl) + 5* hero + exp for peng + farmer - 4 3* fodder + 1 4* silver phantasma + ~88000 exp 5* hero (for 20 runs) + 22000 (for 4 peng (1 run 1348 exp peng for me)).

To achieve results before the upgrade, I need to spend 200 energy and complete 25 runs. In this case, the benefit will be 33,000 experience at the expense of penguins. But it is worth counting the results for 25 runs before the update and we will get as a result 1 additional 3* fodder (for 1 2* + 1 phantasma + 5* hero + farmer team) but we will lose 5500 experience for 5* (110000 instead 115500). This trend continues for any number of runs.The more runs the more the difference in the fodder received and the less the difference in the 5 * experience gained (for 36 runs for me the difference will be: 2 additional 3* fodder and ~4500 exp for 5* hero).

I believe that after the words about improving the system, this change is a real slap in the face of the players. If developers want to really improve on this, then rework is required.

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    2021.05.30 09:38 (UTC+0)

    I like the new system and really hope it will be amended so that the Expe is also gained from Hunts and Altar, because Hunts are the bread and butter content that gives a lot of expe and everyone runs it daily. 

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    2021.05.30 09:42 (UTC+0)

    The fact that i can get exp while not having to change fodders every X runs makes any exp lose worth to me.

    Additionally lobby pet increasing exp heroes gain from enhancing by 15% helps either close the gap or pass over the old system.

    Here's some reddit made number crunching


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    2021.05.30 09:51 (UTC+0)

    First, thank you for the math you did. I believe, if you can farm a stage with one hero and three fodder (and don't care about swapping the fodder out every few runs) this is still the best way to get the most exp. Just remember that especially in episode 3 (and most like the coming episodes as well) most players can't farm three fodders at the same time, even one is sometimes difficult. For those players this is a very good change, because before you just lost all exp when fighting with a full leveled team. 

    There is a video by caR_6 on youtube where he talks about the new farming method. If I remember it right he said, that if you farm with two max level heroes and two fodders the exp equals the one you now get from the penguins when running a max leveled team. One farmer and three fodder gives most exp whereas three max leveled heroes with just one fodder is not as effective as the penguins from a full leveled team. I hope that makes sense. 

    Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

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    2021.05.30 09:56 (UTC+0)

    Is this... human's language???

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    2021.05.30 11:42 (UTC+0)

    Imagine this guy refuses to use the newly introduced more exp and less timeconsuming penguin farming method with maxleveled heros and instead uses the old system and complains about it.

    This is a triple facepalm

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    2021.05.30 13:47 (UTC+0)

    A mi realmente me gusto como cambiaron las cosas

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    2021.05.30 18:41 (UTC+0)

    I still don't understand the point of this new system. I mean, I still have to train the fodders and the phantasmas for promotions so I didn't change anything to my runs but now getting much less exp and have to train fodders with pinguins to get less results. In the end I have to spend much more time training fodders than before.

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    2021.05.31 06:20 (UTC+0)

    Here is the thing with SG, whenever they add something that makes the game better they consistently take as much if not more away.  The changes sound like they would be good not to mention easier to work but it comes at a cost of less ways to get experience.  You want to use those 2 star monsters for raising 2 star phantasms that will work but if you try using them for xp you are out of luck.  They changed the friendship system so now when you summon you will get less 2 stars to level those phantasms by volume.  If SG wants to know why they why I won't give them above 1* ratings it is behavior like this and the fact that they can be pretty vindictive and petty.

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    2021.05.31 18:14 (UTC+0)

    I agree with you it feels as a whole you waste more exp although it's all cumulative to the penguin mileage.. I do have about 150 penguins lol so i guess it just takes some getting used to 

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