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UGN - Friendly Guild Recruiting! Level 18, Masters RTA+!

  • RANK70
  • Xellstron
  • 2021.05.30 03:24 (UTC+0)
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Guild: UGN Level: 18 GW Rank: Peaked 200+, Average 800-900s Server: Global Current Members: 25/30 UGN stands for Universal Gaming Nerd. Here at UGN we focus on helping any player experienced or inexperienced to get better at PVE, PVP, RTA, and Guild War. If you’re looking for somewhere to grow this is the place for you. We are an upcoming guild trying to climb the rank and become one of the best. 

Recently we ranked in the top 200 for guilds. We are competitive; however, if you need time off or something crazy came up in your life, everyone understands and just let the guild leaders know that you need some time. There is no reason to be stressed if you miss a day, our main focus is growth and as long as you’re making progress that's what really matters.

UGN meets daily to help one another through; giving build suggestions, hero prioritization’s, help with arena and guild war teams, PVE and PVP content, and most importantly, helping you if you’re ever stuck in Epic Seven. Benefits: 24/7 Guild Buffs! Tier 3 Expedition Knockouts! Rune request and catalyst trading! Fun discord RTA tourneys with real prizes! Max boosted discord server with active, friendly community! 

Requirements: 1. Be active in Guild and in Guild wars 2. Be of at least Master or Challenger rank in RTA. 3. Be friendly/non-toxic to guild members. 

Come and join the server! Feel free to drop in, say hello - anyone is welcome! For further questions, you can dm FableStory#6042 or Shodaime#9928 https://discord.gg/ugn

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