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Character builds and picks? [8]

Hey guys so I’m having a bit of trouble I just started playing e7 heavy again and I want to take pvp more seriously in arena and gw and maybe just maybe a bit of RTA. So my issue lies in the fact I’m free 2 play and I have no idea what units are essential so I’m going to leave a bunch of screenshots so can you guys help me pick and even brain storm builds. And thanks to anyone that helps🥰

(If you guys can look at the sides of the screenshot that would be much appreciated)


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    2021.05.29 20:36 (UTC+0)

    I would recommend G. Purrgis, Krau, A. Ras (SC), F. Tenebria, Roana, Sigret, Doris (SC), Kayron, Lilias, Alensia, Basar, Arbi, T. Crozet.

    First of all I would advise G. Purrgis + Sigret. This is a great choice for the Wyvern, and therefore the progress of the entire account. Besides G. Purrgis is the top choice for PvP. Sigret will be able to help against revive units, but you will also need someone for CP pushing (like A. Lots / Flan / Tywin / Rose, etc.) or a lot of protection, like T. Crozet (bastion/adamant art). I also recommend Arbi of course - he is generally able to significantly simplify life. And then see for yourself who is more needed: cleanser? - Lilias. Stripper - Basar or Alencia. Etc.

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    2021.05.30 03:19 (UTC+0)

    To get further in Arena, Guild War, and RTA, it would take really good and strong gears to be able to climb higher and higher. I see that your account does not have much gear so you should probably farm Wyvern 10+ for materials and gears. Below are examples of my heroes and my gears that are still a work in progress. I was able to use these heroes with my gear to get pass Gold One in Arena. For RTA, I’m only in Silver because whoever has the highest speed usually win the game and unfortunately for me, my speed isn’t that high. And for Guild War, I get some successful attacks and a couple of draws but that depends on what heroes your enemy got on their defense. 

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    2021.05.30 07:49 (UTC+0)

    if that's your top character id suggest you to make a new account and reroll for ml5 before its too late

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