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[ASIA] Underlevel is recruiting!

  • Rer0rer0
  • 2021.05.29 15:21 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 43

Guild Name: Underlevel  
Server: Asia
Level: 20

I'm Jake (IGN: AznJake), the de facto captain of this semi-casual guild which was created around January 2019.

:Whale: We're a guild that's much more focused on the cooperative and social aspects of the game more than the competitive side of it.

:Whale: We try to ensure members in our guild to be stress free or avoid burn out from playing the game.

:Whale: We maintain an environment that is friendly for all ages and safe to talk about your life and interests; from animes, mangas to about school, work, family, and friend.

Semi-competitive members needed
We are attempting to win GWs as many as possible to at least reach Top 200 and get a frame, since our guild undergoing reforms, we can accept 5 or more players that wants to do well in GW, no requirements in units or gear for you to join.

Casual members needed
We have a casual branch and seeking people who just want to enjoy the game at peace but also like to mingle with other members in game and in discord.

Vice Captains Roles Needed
We're looking for enthusiastic, social and friendly people to fill in the positions of Vice Captains roles in our semi-competitive guild.

Strict Requirements (if not followed will result in kick/ban):

1. Must be active and engage with guild members in discord and in game daily; and

2. Follow rules mentioned in the discord server and instructions of the Captain and Vice Captains, in regards to Guild Wars, Aid Requests, Expeditions and other Guild Activities.

PM on discord AznJake#6677 Rer0rer0#9691

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