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ML Kawerik S3 enhance need to fix [3]

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  • MenZKung[MenZKung]
  • 2021.05.29 02:32 (UTC+0)
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This post will not comment about he is good or bad unit.  But his S3 enhance really have a problem.  Why we have to spend 7 mola just to lower 3 turn cooldown!?  I try to use him because I'm lucky by trolling 500 mystic for fun after LQC banner and he come!!!  But this stupid S3 enhance make me paused to use him.  It's non sense and need to change similar to other units.

Enhance+0 : skill grant 2 souls and 5 turns cooldown 

Enhance+1 : Add 2 additional souls (4 souls in total)

Enhance+2 : -1 turns cooldown

(This is commonly it's should be similar to Diene, Tywin and most buff skill units)

* Then 1 skill lv left from S3 add to S2 to enhance +10% more barrier.  Sighhhh

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    2021.05.29 09:38 (UTC+0)

    Orrrr make the last enhancement decrease cooldown by 2 turns. Idk his s3 is pretty underwhelming for the cooldown it has. Just like DJB and Ray.

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    2021.06.01 11:17 (UTC+0)

    Yeah it’s really hard to see where he shines, his damage multipliers are very low for a single target damage dealer even with the buffs he gives. His S1 is meh compared so a 4 star general purgis. I think he s2 and S3 should be swapped and his so instead of a skill that grants buffs, it should be. A passive that increases entire teams max hp by 15% max,  and cleanses all team debuffs, grants increased attack and barrier for 2 turns when team suffers an aoe attack. This could be activated every three orfour turns 

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    2021.06.03 04:54 (UTC+0)

    very strange indeed
    for a long time, non offensive skill with no particular scaling were +2
    then they went better by making them only +1

    and now they litterally went berserk on Merik with that +3

    such a waste for an average unit...

    Oh hello by the way

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