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Exp gain bug (on heroes) [1]

It seems the exp gain is bugged, I've been leveling heroes and I reach the next level at the end of the stage (adventure and side story seem to be the only things affected so it may be because of the penguin system) in the next stage they're back to the previous level, this time it happened with Roozid lvl 49 to 50 in the Choux side story, he reached level 50 and in the next stage he was lvl 49 again, same thing happened with Arby in Unrecorded History as well as multiple of the phantasmas as I ran. This issue doesn't seem to be happening in spirit alter though and I can't exactly level fodder in W13, so I'm not sure about if it affects hunt but I don't think it does. 

I think a possible reason is because exp earned in the stage is being taken away from the hero at the end of the stage regardless of whether or not they're max level (as this happened with a level 43 to 44 Arby yesterday as well) which I don't think was the intention, since it should only be taking excess off of max level heroes though it is possible that I'm wrong and that the cause is something else. 

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    2021.06.03 18:35 (UTC+0)

    Yeah I thought I was imagining things but decided to test it out. Losing out on a quite a large chunk of EXP at the end of the run. I'm adding a couple of screenshots showing this. With both instances the results page shows approximately 50% less of a level than what it showed at the end of the battle.

    I know levelling is easier now with the penguin system but they need to rectify this. Like how do lose gained EXP, aside from getting whacked over the head by a 2x4 causing memory loss? 

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