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Penguin system not working in hunts [2]

Im not sure if this was intended , but the new penguin system does not work in hunt for some abominable reason .It is the game mode we spend 99% of our time in so i'm really confused as to why it wouldn't work. It almost completely invalidates the brand new penguin system for no good reason if im to be honest. C'mon smilegate you were on a roll , then you had do something like this... just disappointing. 

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    2021.05.28 08:28 (UTC+0)

    Thats exact reason its intended - so ppl stop spamming hunts and do adventure mode instead.

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    2021.05.28 10:52 (UTC+0)

    penguins from hunt would be absolutely ridiculously broken. You would be getting like 3-4 penguins PER RUN on top of the 1:1 stigma you already get with the stamina reduction. you could also buy the shop xp buff to make it even more lucrative. Those penguins are also sellable. gold/xp gain would be astronomical especially during GM buffs. it's no surprise why they didn't allow penguins from hunts. they're not allowed in altar or lab either for the same reason.

    this is also not a bug...

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