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Hell raid Auto Team? [7]

Sooo, I wanna make a Hell Raid Auto team. I already know that a good combo is Cerato, A.Ras, Tam, and Roana.. problem is, I don't have Roana lol. And, I am going to assume, she's a pretty critical part of that team. But, does anyone know any other good Auto Teams for Hell Raid? 

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    2021.05.28 04:25 (UTC+0)

    I use SSB, c. Zerato, Tama and a. Momo

    Can auto all but sec. Vera. 

    Queen is 50/50

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    2021.05.28 15:12 (UTC+0)

    I use C Zerato, A Ras, Tama & Landy / SSB / Lilias depending on my target. Might change the fourth unit after building Arby though

    I try using the comps you mention above before and I find it too slow plus you need to depend on A Ras to land def break since C Zerato is your sole dps because you don't want to drag it for too long.

    Roana surely make it safer but as I say, you don't want to drag too long

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    2021.05.28 17:02 (UTC+0)

    thats why Im not do raid now, too much time to spend

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    2021.05.29 11:56 (UTC+0)

    arahakan: ssb, cerato, tama, blingo

    karkanis: ssb, cerato, tama, tywin

    vera: arby, kitty, cerato, momo

    juleevee: arby, tama, cerato, kitty

    queen: charles, roana, elena, ssb

    this is fully auto, all skill on except julevee, turn off cerato skill there

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