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Forced to get gold in arena for Arby [22]

So will there be any changes to this, I can't be the only high level that doesnt give a crap about pvp and no units set up to get me to this point

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    2021.05.27 12:36 (UTC+0)

    is pve arena

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    2021.05.27 12:39 (UTC+0)

    YEAH can it be changed to sth easier, I started playing E7 over a year ago, and whenever I step in Arena everyone is like 6 stars awaken + *** gear, I was defeated many times by some *** gear equipped units. Therefore, I think the dev shud change the mission to sth else such as number of arena fights,...
    (I'm still silver tho my rank is 65)

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    2021.05.27 12:40 (UTC+0)

    Bot arena, you'll be fine. Gambatte!

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    2021.05.27 12:42 (UTC+0)

    Gold is not even that hard man.. 

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    2021.05.27 12:42 (UTC+0)

    Tonto de parte straxy

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    2021.05.27 12:43 (UTC+0)

    Isn't it normal arena? That is easily attainable

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    2021.05.27 12:43 (UTC+0)

    Gold 1 isn't even that hard, it's really good point as it blocks arby defense usage in bronze-silver, where most people don't have any options built to counter him.

    I don't think they want garbage fire that happened on japanese server again lul

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    2021.05.27 12:47 (UTC+0)

    Wants free ML5 but not willing to do a few arena matches for it.

    Not to be rude but come on man.

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    2021.05.27 12:51 (UTC+0)

    everyone saying gold isn't that hard is ignorant, try to understand from new player point
    1. they have the same gear, but the hero selection is greatly difference as some have reroll to the point that a rank 9 account have a fcking 2-4 ML5
    2. they are not experienced enough to know what counter what, how to deal wtih the situation
    3.lastly, there are a lot and i mean A LOT of returning and inactive player that stay in a low rank arena which make new player having a difficulty

    But yesterday i read that the arena for low rank player will be optimized in today patch so you will find opponent that is not far from your power, expect -20k to +20k CP difference

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    2021.05.27 13:46 (UTC+0)

    Forced to get a gold rank ... to get ml 5 *.What's next: am I being forced to log into the game at all? Nobody is forcing anyone.

     They give an excellent opportunity and are not even happy about that - it's just "amazing". 

     If for some reason it is difficult for you (say, you are a completely newbie), then why not postpone it for a while? Collect a little more units and better gear and go. Or do you want everything at once, while doing nothing?

     And I ask you not to be offended and not accept it as aggression, but why do you need a PvP unit if you don't like and don't do PvP at all?

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    2021.05.27 14:39 (UTC+0)

    aw...do I have to do pvp ?

    I don't want to

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    2021.05.27 17:37 (UTC+0)

    RANK8     "I can't be the only high level that doesnt give a crap about pvp"

    when your lvl is that high you should be able to get gold in a day or two on auto combat.

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