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[GM Cartuja] A Guide about Epic Seven: RISE for new/returning Heirs [8]

Epic Seven has prepared various content improvements including improvements in Selective Summon, Moonlight's Blessing Update, Hero Growth and many more!


Greetings to all our new and returning Heirs! GM Cartuja here at your service. 

With the May 27th Epic Seven RISE Update, I have prepared a beginner’s guide for both our new players who are just starting out on their journey, and returning players continuing their Orbis journey! Let’s check it out!

You can visit each event by clicking on the banners!

1. What is Epic Seven: RISE? [Feat. RISE participation rewards]

This time, Epic Seven ‘Rises’ for our Heirs! 

Check out our content update news on Epic Seven RISE update page which includes news about Moonlight's Blessing update, Connections improvements, Hero Growth improvements and much more!

Plus, you can participate in our RISE exclusive event ( ~June 24th) too, so be sure to visit the community page.

2. What are the rewards for new and returning players? 

Epic Seven: Rise update is loaded with special rewards and benefits for all our new and returning Heirs. Check out the details by clicking on each banner below.

3. Check out all the helpful tips for new/returning Heirs while enjoying the storybook game.   

If you are new to Epic Seven or if you are revisiting Orbis, how would you like to be GM Cartuja for a day and take a glimpse of Epic Seven’s tips? 

Click on the link below to enjoy our fun storybook game.   

[Featuring GM Cartuja and GM Dominiel]



4. I just logged in to Epic Seven! What do I do now?  
You can learn about the game system and its functions through the [Adventurer’s path] content.

Follow the question mark icon to learn more about Epic Seven’s in-game contents.

Additionally, Mashuu has set up a short clip for you all to recommend a useful daily routine on Epic Seven, so enjoy!



5. Find out more about Epic Seven by visiting our STOVE community!
The Epic Seven STOVE community is packed with useful information such as Announcements, Developer notes, Community events, Game tips, Fanarts, Guild recruitment and Official Videos/Wallpapers!


6. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitch channel as well!
Don’t miss out on Epic Seven’s livestream patch note previews with hosts Mashuu and Nue which airs a day before every maintenance/update. (This is a secret, but we also give out plenty of awesome gifts to players who view our patch note livestream....)

You can also find videos on all the exciting Epic Seven contents including animation, BGM and much more, so make sure you hit that notification bell if you don’t want to miss out on great content!

Oh yeah.. one last thing, this is our last tip and also a very important one!

The GMs in the Global community are always here to help you out!

So be sure to check out [GM Board] on our community forum to chat with us!
Well, we hope you have fantastic day with Epic Seven!

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    2021.07.03 05:22 (UTC+0)

    BESTif i could downvote a comment, this would be the comment i downvote

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    2021.09.13 03:00 (UTC+0)

    BESTKamakziSpidRHey bud, you ok? It's just a game my dude...

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    2021.06.23 04:38 (UTC+0)

    You should prolly fix everything in this game if you want players to actually play your game. 

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      2021.08.25 10:42 (UTC+0)

      Things you should "prolly" do expediently:

      1. Consider the concept that misspelling a word intentionally to look witty and cool, actually has the opposite effect when it's done in a post critiquing a very profitable and immensely popular video game. Especially one that is known for it's strategic complexity and a constantly evolving meta.

      2. Name a better RPG on mobile devices, since you have such lofty standards. I would honestly appreciate if you know of one, because to me, this is the all around best mobile RPG in existence.

      3. Liggoppin Mahbeeho. That's my name. I'm famous. You might not recognize the spelling, but say my name out loud and I guarantee you'll recognize then. That's not only a promise but a guarantee that I'll be on the tip of your tongue with a lasting impression for as long as  Mullon Dilznik is his own boss. That's my business partner and believe me, he's got a mind of his own and always does what he wants. But he's rock solid as he is hard headed & I respect that.

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      2021.09.13 03:00 (UTC+0)

      KamakziSpidRHey bud, you ok? It's just a game my dude...

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    2021.08.02 18:03 (UTC+0)

    Love this game 🥰

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    2021.08.24 00:33 (UTC+0)

    Love this game

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    2021.10.12 11:42 (UTC+0)

    I can’t find the coupon button I clicked events and nothing

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