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ML5 who to Choose? [19]

I am sure this question has been asked before. But what ML5 should I get. I have not played E7 for a few months now and saw a free ML5, can't miss this opportunity. I got no ML5 so this be my first one. I am more on pve side but at times I play PvP if I am bored.


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    2021.05.27 05:29 (UTC+0)

    Welcome back! In my personal opinion, from the multiple account I have, my Arby account is the one I play the most. Just makes everything easier, and now with the penguin farming, I'm sure it'll be even faster than it already is. I'm going for Stene though. I've always wanted her, but was never able to pull her. 

    Even though the other 4 arent bad at all, Ruele is a great pvp SW it all depends on what your acc is in need of, and pick one the will synergize with your current roster. Cause you best be building your extinction heroes cause there gon be Arby's errywhere

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    2021.05.27 05:35 (UTC+0)

    If you're not as inclined to participate in pvp, then Spectre Tenebria is a good option for you. She, Dizzy, and Kiris are beasts in Abyss, and the extra daily gold+stigma you get from climbing higher in there will have you wanting for nothing.

    Keep in mind that you can always change your mind and lock in some other ML5 *once*, and the quests are retroactive so you don't need to do them again.

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    2021.05.27 05:37 (UTC+0)

    the ML connections are all PVP based. I have 4 alts and plan to get Arby on the 2 alts that don't already have him, Ruele on my alt who's best healer is Angelica, and S. Tene on my main that has Ruele and Arby already.

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    2021.05.27 05:39 (UTC+0)

    If you dont have arby pick arby, most people who pick stene, already have arby

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    2021.05.27 05:43 (UTC+0)

    waifu > Arby > Stene or anything you dont own

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    2021.05.27 06:04 (UTC+0)

    haven't you heard enough of the approaching ruin?! 

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    2021.05.27 06:13 (UTC+0)

    ofc ruele

    not bad for imprint +

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    2021.05.27 06:14 (UTC+0)

    Welcome back, super awesome timing to come back!

    Heaps of YouTube vids by the big names in the game giving guidance on who to choose.. some even touch on PvE haha but all cover PvP.  You'll get much better advice there than from people here or reddit lol (not knocking forums, just saying watching someone heavily invested in the game talk about it helps more I think.)

    Personally, STene I think.  I need help with Abyss, and she shines pretty much everywhere.  Also that skin is sick.  Don't have any of the six.  Arby is logical choice (I bet he'll get a skin soon too to capitalise on everyone getting Arby!), but not waifu, and I've got unlimited time so quicker farming not important.  Ruele banner soon most likely, will get her then.  DCorvus if I was actively Guild Warring would be good choice.

    Another idea I've seen some raise is waiting.. JKise or ML Ken could be buffed in the near future after all.

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    2021.05.27 06:23 (UTC+0)


    I guess Arby (Vildred) will be the choice for a lot of the players. He is not the best farmer, but can do the job. Not so great in PvE but can help you. And a really strong hero for PvP. Even with so many new counters and strategies, he is still one of the most used heroes. He can be an easy and balanced option.

    Dark Corvus is interesting in guild wars. I also saw him in PvP. But I guess is not the best place for him.

    Ruele and S. Tenebria can be really powerfull in PvP if you can create balanced teams including them. Tenebria can also be used in some PvE content and Ruele have resurrection. Yet, you don´t really need them.

    MA Ken is interesting with all those counterattacks, and J Kise can be really usefull in some PvE content.

    So, again IMO, I would pick Arby. But if you already have another nice farmers (even Clarissa or Yuna can do this job), dont like PvP and you really like another hero... then do it. Just have fun.

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    2021.05.27 09:58 (UTC+0)

    Definitely arby is the best choice, but i prefer to take steneb to kiss her feet. Joke aside, i prefer steneb for countering in rta. I don't have any nice single target pvp dark/light so i definitely take steneb.

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    2021.05.27 11:41 (UTC+0)

    Arby > Stene > Ruele > DCorvus > Judge Kise > Meme Ken

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