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OmegaWPN Recruitment

Guild Name: OmegaWPN
Server: Global Spots: 3 open
Level: 20

Semi-competitive guild formed by salty people who love to banter. Looking for individuals who are invested in end game RTA and Guild Wars, and future guild PVE events.
We have an active discord that helps with character building. We also host account reviews to help players to improve.

Perks: We keep the buffs up and have an organized aid/donation system for runes and catalysts. Rage from individuals in the guild that helps you cope when RNG screws with you.

Requirements: Rank 65 Active daily
Donate to the guild
x5 mystics
Challenger V and above in Arena

!!!!GW participation: We are trying to push for Top 100. We have a GW system that members follow to achieve victory. Following the rules and posting information during guild war is essential!!!!

Please contact RedJacket/MizukiRen#5358 (Vice Captain) on discord if you are interested or have any questions!

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