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[ASIA] Devour is recruiting!

Guild Name: Devour
Guild level: 9
Server: Asia
Members: 22/26

About Us
We are an active SG-based guild with a mixture of SEA players. We have a cozy community with active member who are more than willing to help each other out, especially returning/new players! We have dedicated channel for all types of content, like arena, hunts, RTA, etc. Most of us plays other games such as dota/league/apex/counterside, and we also play online mini games like Gartic Phone, etc together so feel free to join us in other gaming session!
Also, we have a joint guild Glutton that will be able to provide additional help if you have any enquiries!

Level requirement: 40+
Actively participate in world boss, and donation & try your best in guild war
4 days login leniency (do inform beforehand should you be unable to log in)(leniency of rules are progressive and subject to future changes if needed)

24/7 Guild EXP and Gold Buff
Several Bots: Black Jack, Pokemeow, Weeb, Yufine
NSFW Channel

If you are interested in joining us, carry out these 2 simple steps:
Apply to us on Epic Seven's guild page
Join our discord server at https://discord.gg/vKSjn9RbVR or DM me directly at Serenade#7648 or April #4382

Looking forward to seeing you all! :)

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