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Abyss Floor 98 is Super FUN [2]

Leo: *exists*
Sol: "Did you order a flaming 35k uppercut to the face, no Daydream Jokers?"

Hazel and Sol's kits got buffed recently, and Tamarrine got an extra 18% res in her awakenings. I thought to myself "Let's have at it." 

A full mono fire team against a deserving victim

Even though Tamarinne's skills were on cooldown while in Idol Form, and she ended up sacrificing all the other party members,

Arky played paper to Leo's rocks, and it was game, set, and match.

P.S.: Alencinox's Roar is a slept-on artifact.


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    2021.05.26 18:32 (UTC+0)

    No it is in the slightest bit not!

    Everything after the 90th floor is just a series of ******* hell holes & don’t even get me started on violet’s floor. After almost 100 attempts it took 3 weavers & one knight(that took around 40bloody minutes) to kill that stupid sumb!tch.. same thing with ******* Leo!


    That being said, I’m not of the opinion that the difficulty or mechanics be nerfed, I just needed to rant & get this off my chest. 😂😂

    My Cerato is rocking that sweet lifesteal set cheesing the whole of episode 3 & their stinking debuffs.

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