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Thoughts on the upcoming Collaboration [9]

So, I was sitting here still trying to understand why this "well know IP" would not want the collab that they are doing to be discussed until June. Just to fill y'all in, it was mentioned on one of the livestreams that E7 is not allowed to discuss the Collab until June because it's in their contract with the IP they are collaborating with. Now, this kinda made me think about a few things. The first thing I was thinking was, "well maybe its a collaboration with a game coming out around that time?" But then, me being the dipshiit with too much time on his hands, realized that E3 is happening around the time that the collbaoratin is going to be announced. SO, what if this collab is with like, idk, Final Fantasy or something, and thus, the characters that are going to be featured in the Collab are going to be part of a new game Square Enix is releasing. This would prompt them to tell SG not to mention anything about what/who the collaboration is with, because, it would spoil the upcoming game/characters that maybe haven't even been announced yet. I know it sounds like a crazy conspiracy, but I just thought I would share cuz I have nothing better to do lol. Lmk what you think of this little theory of mine.

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    2021.05.26 03:43 (UTC+0)

    We are Epic 7 player and what is well know IP for Epic 7 player ? it's Guilty gear strive 

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    2021.05.26 07:25 (UTC+0)

    The "cannot discuss due to contract" thing is honestly being blown way out of proportion. Almost all collab contracts have similar language, be it in games, or any other media. Both parties want to control how and when the message goes out to take better advantage of the situation for their benefit. The "problem" here is that SG, due in part to last year's situation, decided to let it be known that they would be coming out with a new collab this year, and that it would be something big, so the community has been in a tizzy ever since. We've known this collab was coming for almost a year now, and they've actually been able to avoid the normal leaks.  

    Given how limited attendance and attention E3 has received in recent years, w/ many big companies not even going anymore, I wouldn't expect E7 to have much if anything to do w/ E3. It's not really the place for a Korean mobile RPG to announce a collab w/ a Japanese RPG franchise or vice verse. 

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    2021.05.26 08:23 (UTC+0)

    My bet goes on Konosuba. There are many games doing collabs with that series.

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    2021.05.26 09:28 (UTC+0)

    Well maybe if they at the very least hint what genre that IP is/was usually in then I might have some thought. If it's mobile game I still think Tower of Savior would be the one even though they're currently collab with Godzilla(which ends in early June)

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    2021.05.26 09:56 (UTC+0)

    I've been thinking about the projects of the Bandai Namco company. For example, G o d Eater or Tales of ... the latter, in my opinion, would generally be a good option, since the characters by design could fit into the world of E7 quite well. But the release of the new part(Tales of Arise) of this series is scheduled for September (although it was a forced postponement due to the pandemic).

    Btw, why the hell is the word G o d censored on the forum? Outrageous.

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    2021.05.27 10:50 (UTC+0)

    It gona be with genshin impact.

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