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Idea for Chloe's Buff [2]

SoulBurn s3 increase dmg change to s2 soulburn give extra turn

50% extra turn EE change to inflict 3 bleed debuffs for 2 turn


- Chloe already had really good EE for pvp is dispel all buffs, s2 just need guaranteed extra turn to able make a good combo (as dps or support)

- This better for hunt, 3 bleed because some units have a skill dealt more damage to a target had more debuffs, and bleed deal lowest damage (balance)

i know it don't look like a buff but it's balance and useful

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    2021.05.26 16:06 (UTC+0)

    i dont know, man
    bleed has never been that great, and this would require us to build her with effectiveness, which is not always useful since magic nail ignore effect resistance.

    maybe her S1 and S3 can have more effect?

    most S1 has some kind of unconditional effect, but Chloe's S1 only does extra damage when the target is inflicted with magic nail. perhaps it can increase her combat readiness by 10% or grant increased speed for 1 turn or grant reflect for 1 turn or something.

    S3 can self-cleanse? or grant increased critical hit damage? or increased attack?

    If we are really going for more debuff, then perhaps her S2 can give her Increase Effectiveness for 2 turns, so that her gear requirement can be reduced?

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    작성자 2021.05.26 19:17 (UTC+0)

    Maybe EE: s2 give def break debuff will be better, ignore resist and combo with soulburn extra turn can able delete 1 hero even if u build her speedy, but not very effective against units with immunity, because it is ee u can only choose 1. 

    So yeah even if they buff her like this she will only best in wyvern, and if they want people use her in pvp, they need to buff more crazy like landy or ravi xD, because they are elemental units so make them very easy to counter if they ain't so broken xD

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