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dlwlrma Top 100 Guild Recruiting (Global)

A competitive global guild:

◈ **dlwlrma** ◈
IU Fan Club Guild


Level: 20

Current Members: 28/30

Top 100 for every gvg season.

Finished 66th in previous season.

Aiming to hit Top 30 starting next season.

Looking to recruit active, motivated players that wants a semi competitive guild to be their new home. We have dedicated channels for guides, news, unit and team builds, guild wars, general chatting, other games, anime, koreaboo talk, and more! Whether you are whale, baby shark, or fish- all are welcome!


- 24 hour Exp and Gold buff 

- Expedition Posters/Clearers 

- Active Boosted Discord which contains members as well as non-members with common interests in E7 as well as other games. - Experienced members will chip in to help answer most questions regarding GW/RTA.

- Good community for players seeking growth & stability.


1. Must be active in Discord

2. Do daily check-in, donate, and aid

3. Participate in Guild War 100%

4. Account rank 70

5. At least challenger in arena

Discord: joemin#5107

If you are interested, send a screenshot of favorite units and their stats. Good luck and have fun!

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