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{Global} Rabbitt (level 13) looking for active members

  • RANK67
  • ZachRabbitt
  • 2021.05.24 16:21 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 59


Server: Global

Guild: Rabbitt (Level 13)

Rank/level requirement: Rank/Level 45

Inactivity limit: 10 days

Current average check-in numbers: 14

Current discord members: 5 (hopefully more in the future)

What we are looking for

we are looking for members who are going to be active and have a newly set up discord that we plan to have our guild use especially for (Guild PvE) Ancient Inheritance slated to be added in Q3 (ending in September) 


Guild Perks: 

- 24/7 Hero XP and Gold Buffs

- Aid given where possible

Guild Requirements: 

- Participate in Guild Wars

- Participate in World Boss (when level 50) 

- Donate Gold and Courage where possible

- Request/Give Aid where possible

- Any new members preferably to join Discord

Discord: ZachRabbitt #7131 for more info or to apply

#GuildRecruitment #EpicSeven

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