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Hero Concept - Shadow Fiend [12]


The goal of this post is showing the inspiration capcity of this game, and sharing great designs with you guys,

NOT hoping its design can be implemented in the game.

Is it op? Maybe it is. But doesn't affect the goal.

Shadow Fiend, 5*, Dark Ranger

[S1 - Shadowraze]
Shadow Fiend utilizes his power, attacking an enemy, before inflicting the same amount of damage to enemies whose CR fall in [Target CR-20%, Target CR+20%].

[S2 - Presence of the Dark Lord] CD: Passive
The presence of such a horrible creature terrifies enemies, reducing their Defense by 70.

Increase Attack of the caster by 600.

Increased Attack is halved this game every time the caster dies.

[S3 - Requiem of Souls] CD: 6 Turns
Summons evil spirits to attack all enemies, with a 75% chance to Decrease Attack and Decrease Speed for 2 turns.

Deals increased damage to enemies with higher Combat Readiness.

Damage dealt by this skill is halved this game every time the caster dies.

Comments are welcomed.

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    2021.05.24 13:43 (UTC+0)

    "ahead of and behind the target" don't understand what u mean, if he take his turn then they all behind him

    "reducing their Defense by 70" flat def?

    "Increase Attack of the caster by 600" it's mean nothing if his base stats or his skills dmg su𝔠k right?

    "every time the caster dies" does he have any skill help himself revive?

    op? no

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    2021.05.24 17:07 (UTC+0)

    I like s1 mechanic
    s2 need total rework
    s3 is good, more damage on highest CR

    so SF is character that cant doing well with revive?

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    2021.05.24 17:08 (UTC+0)

    Shadow Fiend??  What's next? Shadow demon?, Shadow Shaman?  or even Shadow Blade? 

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    2021.05.24 17:26 (UTC+0)

    You should add shadow blade as his exclusive equipment. 100% chance to get stealth for 1 turn, when stealth, damage deal by RoS increase by 100% 

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