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Improving my team for Arena/GuildWars [1]

Hey guys, I'm trying to improve my team for arena and guild wars since I don't have many good heroes yet. I already saved 600 covenant bookmarks for the 120 summon garanteed 5star. My question is if I should spend it in the Singret summon happening at the moment or if I should wait for something stronger, and If I should wait, which heroes should I aim at.

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    2021.05.24 17:09 (UTC+0)

    You can beat Wyvern with 3* units (Alexia and TG).  Sigret is not needed.  If you want to save for the best I would wait for a limited unit run.  There is a colab coming soon, hopefully.  Maybe/hopefully there will be a a good unit run during that event. 

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