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[GLOBAL] Purriod is Recruiting!

  • NoSlippers
  • 2021.05.23 22:09 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 62

Guild: Purriod 

Server: Global 

Guild Level: 12 

Guild Description: 

A chill guild made up of friends looking for active members that will communicate and interact with other members, as well as participating in Guild Wars and World Boss (when level 50). We aren't competitive so we don't mind losing, just as long as you participate. 

Guild Perks  : 

- Stress free environment (reports are optional, not mandatory)

- 24/7 Hero XP and Gold Buffs 

- Care packages 

- Friendly Discord Community that can help you when in need! 

Guild Requirements  : 

- Participate in Guild Wars (no need to win) 

- Participate in World Boss (when level 50) 

- Donate Gold and Courage Daily 

- Request/Give Aid Daily (no catalyst requests unless exchanging with someone!) 

- Must join Discord

Contact one of us on Discord at @Kuvoia#0001 / @Caleb#4844 to apply!

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