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Senya [10]

So as far as i know Senya's s2 passive grants her 30% attack increase. Similar to Luna, Landy, Stene etc. 

But in reality it does not work. Here is what happened.

I was playing the ice exp with Landy and Senya. My Landy has 3700 att and Senya has 5100 att.

First turn the boss stuns Senya. But on his second ultimate, when Landy has increased her passive attack stacks, the boss stuns her instead of Senya, which should not happen.

Landy - 3700 + 60% = 5920 attack with full stacks.

Senya - 5100 + 30% = 6630 attack with passive bonus.

So the boss should always stun Senya because she has the highest attack.

So the only way I can think of for this to happen is for Senya's passive attack bonus to not be working at all, that way Landy would have more attack after her stack bonus.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Yes I got it. Thanks for the clarification. Can't help but feel a little cheated though as imo this was not clearly stated...

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    2021.05.23 15:40 (UTC+0)

    5100 is after the increase

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    2021.05.23 16:12 (UTC+0)

    Her passive works on base stats.

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    2021.05.23 16:51 (UTC+0)

    The value that you see in your stats is already with the calculation of the passive ability. That is, in your case, Senya has 5100 atk, and Landy with max stacs 5920. That is why the second time the boss hangs the status on her.

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    2021.05.23 18:09 (UTC+0)

    She is garbage. Who cares? We have great Mortelix, he is better in every option.

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    2021.05.24 09:16 (UTC+0)

    why you are too afraid to give your opinion to the point you make new account just to post this

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