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Seaside Bellona's Skill S2

In guild wars yesterday I had a really interesting bug that I've never seen before. I was attacking a defense team of Fallen Cecilia, Arbiter Vildred, and Tempest Surin using a team of Fallen Cecilia, Seaside Bellona, and Remnant Violet. Now, all was fine and dandy until their Arbiter Vildred used his Skill 3 and put both Remnant Violet and Seaside Bellona at 5 focus. When this happened, Remnant Violet used his skill 2, concentration, first. This killed Arbiter Vildred and he revived like normal, however Seaside Bellona remained at 5 focus due to there being no target available. When Arbiter Vildred used Dark Blade after reviving, Seaside Bellona remained at 5 focus and didn't active You're not Cute. In fact, she didn't activate You're not Cute when the enemy Arbiter Vildred counter attacked either. My Seaside Bellona didn't activate You're not Cute until after she had taken a turn, and considering my Seaside Bellona is your typical tanky, high attack and low speed build this cost me the match. I should have very, very easily beaten this defense team but I lost not one, but 2 activations of You're not Cute. I don't have a video of this bug in action, but I believe this happens when no one is left alive when You're Not Cute would normally activate (given Remnant Violet killed the last member of their team, leaving Seaside Bellona with no target to active You're not Cute against). Thankfully, despite this guild war being close my guild still won, however this could have been the reason we lost the guild war.

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