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Some dual attack questions. [7]

Hey I got a couple of questions about dual attack.

First of why is the dual attack change capped at 20%. 

I like Taranor Guard and his dual attack gameplay, he feels like a loyal buddy. 

Then it happens instead of my Taranor Guard dual attacking three times back to back my angelica did it.

I thought I just was lucky but the I noticed that Taranor Guard didn't dual attack much more then my other units.

The first attacker was a ranger with a +30 infinity basket and my Angelica is just speed + health geared. 

Taranor Guard in the contrary is a full dual attack chance unit, with full S2 mola and full dual attack gear.

I was a bit confused why Taranor Guard wasn't dual attacking more then my other units since his dual attack chance is a lot higher.
But then I read in Help - Stats : "Dual attack has a chance of being triggered according to the Hero's Dual Attack Chance. Dual Attack Chance can be increased up to 20%".


What's the reason to cap dual attack  chance (certainly at only 20%) if you got heroes like Sinful Angelica, Cerise and Lillias who got a guaranteed dual attack on their skill 1.

Also Rosa Hargana + Infinity Basket is because of this an utter trash combo since it really doesn't add anything.

Since both give +14% dual attack chance at +30 and base is 5% so you with one you get 19% dual attack chance.

Guess how much you get for the second artefact, yup that's right a whopping +1% dual attack chance up to 20% not the 33% you expect.

And don't you dare put those artefacts on Kanna since her s2 full mola already puts her on 19% dual attack chance.

And this is a fact I got Coli with S ego imprint and she caps at 20% not 20.5% dual attack chance (yeah the 0.5% is visible she has base of 8.5%) so I'm pretty sad right now.

Secondly who's chosen when multiple heroes would dual attack this turn. 

I've never seen a dual dual attack so I presume that if one hero would dual attack other won't even roll but how is that determined.

Is this based on placement in the team dual attack chance itself or speed or pure randomness.

For example I got heroes A, B, C and D with special gear so that all of them have a 100% dual attack chance.
What happens if A attacks?

A. Will a random hero attack each time.

B. Will a specific hero be chosen each time because of a specific stat that's higher then the other heroes.

C Will the hero be the same each time because of some internal code that does this stuff in a specific order.

Thank you for reading this.

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    2021.05.21 02:42 (UTC+0)

    the answer is A, its completely random, in your case somehow it calls lowest unit multiple times, this is rng7 we talking about, when enemy's character can counter 7 times in a row, or miss moonlight dreamblade 90% of the time, this is common thing, here the perfect picture of rng in this game 

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    2021.05.21 03:40 (UTC+0)

    I really don't recommend putting Infinity Basket on your ranger if you intend to proc an attack from your sole TG. It's bettter that you put one Unity set on him and give your ranger a better artifact that doesn't proc a dual attack from anyone else just as often as TG.

    Because TG's passive puts him at 15% base dual attack chance out of 20%, Infinity Basket will only serve to bring it to 20% while giving the 2 allies 19% dual attack chance.

    Heck, even with the free 4* artifact that grants 3% dual attack chance to all party members, more often than not my frontline tank dual attacks and throws the fire Expo battle by a couple hundred thousand points. I have to regear everyone by the time we get another unequip event and the monthly rewards reset.

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    2021.05.21 04:14 (UTC+0)

    Dual Attack is a very powerful mechanic, hence why only a few units have it, and far fewer guarantee specific units that can do it. They would have to be very careful about enhancing the proc chance for dual attacks too much, or guaranteeing something like always pulling in the main DPS. 

    Imagine if you could get Charles to not only be on counter set, and Elbris, but could reliably get him to also join in any time another hero attacks? He would be an absolute worse monster than he once was considered. Can't attack him for fear of him countering, can't attack someone else for fear of him countering, and if you allow even a SW to S1, he atks. Your team could get in a constant barrage of hero>Charles S1>Charles S2. Or have DCorvus run down his S3 cooldown before he even gets his first turn thanks to being pulled in to all his teammate's attacks. Or Alencia w/ constant tramples. 

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