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Ml Lilias - The master of war (Unit concept)

Ml Lilias - Light Knight - High attack

Note: Her attack style changes according to her s3 position (which is passive).

S1: Guerilla warfare

If in Commander position

Non-attack skill:

--> 75% to provoke an enemy (1 turn)

--> Call an ally attack instead (Ml Lilias won't attack even if don't have any allies) (this is not a dual attack)

If in Battlefield position:

Single target attack:

--> 50% each to inflict 2 bleed (1 turn)

S2: Defense - Attack

If in Commander position:

Non-attack skill

--> Recover health for all allies (scale to her def)

--> Grant all allies a barrier (2 turns) (scale to her attack)

If in Battlefield position:

Aoe attack 

--> 60% to stun the targets for 1 turn

--> Grant the caster increase attack for 2 turns

Soulburn (20 souls): Grant an extra turn.

Cooldown: 3 turns - 3 souls

S3: Tactic change!

-Passive: Ml Lilias starts the battle in Commander position. Reset s2 skill cooldown each time Ml Lilias changes position. (Animation plays when changing position)

Commander position:

+ Increase Def by 40%. Ml Lilias receives 15% of damage suffered from all allies.

+ When Hp% is 40% or below --> Change to Battlefield position and grant the caster 100% combat readiness.

Battlefield position:

+ Attack always crit but have -20% hit chance.

+ At the start of the turn, if the caster Hp% is more than 80% --> Change to Commander position.

Note: Ml Lilias doesn't have a proper active s3 but a good passive which increases her stat depend on her position. She has a healing kit but it won't large enough to allow her to change the position, so she needs a good healer support to shine. She is a friend with Frenzy in RTA, it helps her can change position without the need of healing.

Note 2: I aware we will get Tyrant Lilias, but still I want to design her skill of my own. Hope u guys like it.

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