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ML Kawerik needs a buff [1]

His kit is so bad. What can he brings to the table when his s3 get countered by politics and his s3 + s2 gives landy free fighting spirit. These two basically defines the current meta

Why would I want to use him when djb can pull and heal? Not to mention soul weaver artifacts. 

His stats says he is a tank worrier. Compare him against Dark corvus and ravi and ml ravi having similar stats. At least three of those doing some dmg and have quite some sustain, especially ravi and dark corvus, their kit gives them potential to wipe opponent's team even if they are the last one alive. I don't expect ML Kawerik can solo kill the whole team, but he has neither sustain, nor damage. 

It is very unclear how one can use him to create an advantage. Which ever role he is trying to fit in, someone else is already doing a better job. 

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    2021.05.12 20:14 (UTC+0)

    Even in his showcase we can see Politis reducing Landy's buff durations by 1 turn right after Medirick does his thing lol.

    No ER in his base stats, incredibly low SPD for a support and cleanser, wasted turn on S3 and the list goes on...

    We've seen a lot of weak kits recently, but it's been a while since we've seen a kit that makes so little sense by itself.

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