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[GM] Arena Skyward Season Closing Information

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.05.12 10:30 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 10714

Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.


The Skyward Season will be coming to an end soon.


We kindly suggest that Heirs who wish to purchase the exclusive Arena Skyward Season items view the details down below.


■ Arena Season Schedule

- The following is the schedule for the end of the Skyward Season and the start of the Ambition Season.



Arena Skyward Season 
Ending Schedule

Korea/Asia Server 5/30 (Sun) 13:00 UTC

Europe Server 5/30 (Sun) 22:00 UTC

Global Server 5/31 (Mon) 05:00 UTC

Arena Pre-Season

Korea/Asia Server 5/30 (Sun) 18:00 UTC~ TBD

Europe Server 5/31 (Mon) 03:00 UTC ~ TBD

Global Server 5/31 (Mon) 10:00 UTC ~ TBD

Ambition Season Schedule


 The schedule for the ending of the Arena Pre-Season and opening of the Ambition Season will be announced in a later notice.


■ Arena Skyward Season Frame Distribution Schedule

- We will give more detailed information through a separate notice.


■ Arena Skyward Season Glory Crest Exchange Information

- When the Ambition Season begins, unused Glory Crest obtained from the Skyward Season will automatically be converted to Conquest Points.  

- The exchange rate is 5:1. (Glory Crest:Conquest Points)


 Please note

- Glory Crest, Endurance Crest, and Season Points will not be given during the pre-season period.

- We will give more details regarding the schedule about the ending of the Pre-Season and the start of the Ambition Season through a separate notice.

- Players will be able to purchase the Skyward Season Unknown Slate until the end of the pre-season.

- When the Ambition Season begins, players will be able to purchase Skyward Season exclusive items only with Conquest Points.

- The price for exclusive Skyward Season items will be adjusted when the Arena Ambition Season begins.

- Players will not be able to purchase Exclusive Skyward Season items again if they have already purchased them during the Skyward Season.


 Arena Skyward Season Exclusive Equipment

Destroyer's Longsword of Flight

Destroyer's Armor of Flight

Destroyer's Helm of Flight

Destroyer's Boots of Flight

Destroyer's Necklace of Flight

Destroyer's Token of Flight


Thank you.

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