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Hero AI Attack Priority [1]

Based on my experience, this made PvP much more imbalance and unfriendly. Previously, hero will prioritize with more"advantage element" first, BUT now the hero will prioritze attacking hero with "lowest hp" instead. As example in Guild War, facing Fallen Cecilia, R. Violet and Krau, both R. Violet and F. Cecilia prioritize attacking my Angelica instead of SC Doris. SC Doris has damage reduction when attacked by Dark Element, so suitable for tanking, give chance for attacking next turn, BUT now, both of them literally attacking Angelica. So, the best counter to this problem is stealth for DPS heroes, which obviously not every hero have. Most of DPS heroes is build with offensive stats only, and not suitable for soaking damage from opponent. I do felt this literally will ruining the new player and player with mediacore gears. 

For heroes AI that prioritize the "hero with highest combat readiness" is fine, because not all heroes have these changes.

Basically, tank cannot be use as tank because all heroes attacking heroes with lowest HP (most heroes DPS in this game that have no STEALTH).

Currently, stealth only apply to specific heroes and ranger class artifact only. Other than that, literally dead before their turn.

I do hope SG made changes on this, and promote healthy gameplay for player more. Whats the point when we got more heroes that useless and spamming same meta/overpowered heroes in every match. 

Not to mention that players need to deal with RNG in this game. Most of these should also be removed.

It is more demoralize and made player want to quit this game.

These make huge impact on new player and mediacore gear players. 

It been about 3 years this game run. Things need to change, especially with huge patch incoming.

Thank you for reading and do something about it.

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    2021.05.12 08:52 (UTC+0)

    -s2 max stack riolet will S3 on random targets  

    -elbris fcc has a chance counter attack angelica if ange uses s1  

    -if your DPS is ftenebae. redirect provoke to angelica  

    they didn't change the AI of units (only few which does not include the one you said) and they always obey  

    not invincible > element > HP > random  


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