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DJ Basar NEEDS a rework [1]

Epic Seven its making awesome things for the community, I really appreciate it, but i have to say that Basar gameplay it's not good accord to game-design.

This happens because he can't aprove him character mission as well because he is designed to be a cleanser, and he can do it, but we have to mention Ray. He hes a unit that can do everything that Basar do, but even better cause Ray has even more stats, his skills can give more supper in the battle and even he es an Earth element character so, as the water element is the current meta debuffer, I think Basar is not doing good his job. 

Basar it's a 5 stars Moonlight so he should be a great character, compare him to Ruele it's really crushing for him and this shouldnt be like that, they sould be abreast. And on the subject of Ray, it is also wrong as Basar does not feel like a special unit

Besides, Basar can't even be a great healer cause his heal relys on his attack. I think maybe wanted to do similar to Blaze Dingo, a DPS Soul weaver, but Basar can't do great damage and either can't do great heals.

So, cause he's not doing a good job as cleanser either as DPS soul weaver. I think a rework will be the better for him.

If it goes for the cleanser path, maybe a little bit of CR will be good

If goes for another way, maybe he cuould  de a Buffer Soul Weaver cause the only unit like that is Diene. Basar could do something like Justice for all for the team or like Rin haha it would give him Lore X'D

Well, they're just suggestions, Basar i'ts doing it better, but a Rework can be the best for him to make him an unique and special unit.

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    2021.05.12 07:28 (UTC+0)

    Uhhhh NO. Ray doesn't do everything DJB does. He can't push his team. In fact, a lot of people who have both use DJB over Ray preciesely because of that. Ray's multipliers stink big time, he may be good against debuffs due to cleanse and immunity in one skill but he has hard time keeping team alive with his low heals and shields. His s1 is terrible.

    DJB doesn't need a rework, just a proper buff. My idea is this

    -s1 grants a shield to target with lowest hp(5% of target's hp)

    -s2 increases base hp by 10%. Attack multiplier increased from 15% to 30%.

    -s3 cooldown decreased by 1 turn. Decreases all dmg by 30% when ready to use, halfed to 15% when on cooldown.

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