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[Epic Festival 2021] Q&A [40]

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2021 Epic Festival Q&A 

Hello, this is Epic Seven.


On Day 2 of the 2021 Epic Festival, we held a Q&A session and gave a preview of future updates. We have prepared for all our Heirs a summary of the discussions during the Q&A session.

As Epic Seven continues to change and evolve, we hope that our Heirs will continue to show their tremendous support. 


1. Gold

- Are there any plans to increase the places where Gold can be obtained?

- Are there any plans to reduce in-game Gold consumption? 


First, we will look at one of the questions asked by many of our Heirs. You asked if we had any plans to increase the places where Gold can be obtained or reduce in-game Gold consumption. To provide our Heirs with the most favorable gaming environment, we analyzed which areas consume the most Gold in 

the game. 

We have noticed that Gold is especially scarce for Heirs who continuously craft a lot of equipment. According to our analysis, Equipment Crafting and Equipment Enhancing consume 50~60% of Gold. As this issue mostly affects Heirs who craft and enhance a lot of equipment, we thought improving content where Gold is consumed would be an effective solution.

We are currently reviewing two measures. The first is a reduction in the Equipment Crafting cost.

We are planning to decrease the amount of Gold consumed when Equipment Crafting by approximately 50%. If possible, we’ll apply this change during the 5/27 Update. If delayed, we will apply this change during a June Update.

The second measure that we are reviewing is Equipment Enhancement Cost Reduction. The Equipment Enhancement 

cost is proportional to the EXP required for enhancement. Since this EXP requirement increases dramatically after 

+9 Enhancement, decreasing the EXP requirement in this range will in turn decrease the gold consumed during 

Equipment Enhancement.

With this improvement, we expect to relieve gold scarcity issues and concerns regarding Equipment Crafting and 

Enhancing. Once confirmed, we will give more details regarding this through a notice. 


2. Energy

Are there any plans to increase the places where Energy can be obtained and reduce the amount of Energy required?

We have carefully reviewed our Heirs’ opinions regarding this matter. We plan to take the following measures to address Energy related issues.


First, we will adjust the amount of energy consumed in the main content.

1) 25% Reduction of Energy Consumed in the Side Story

As we have covered in the Future Updates Preview Announcement, the total energy consumed to acquire main rewards 

from Side stories will decrease by 25%. In short, we will increase the amount of Side Story Currency gained in higher-difficulty stages, which in turn, will decrease the amount of energy consumed. Furthermore, some Achievements required our Heirs to run Side Story stages even after fully acquiring main rewards from the Exchange. We will try to relieve this issue and reduce the required number of Stage Clears required to complete all Achievements. 


2) 10~20% Reduction of Energy Consumed in Hunt

Energy consumed in Hunt will be adjusted as shown in the table below. The maximum energy consumed will be changed to 20 for Stage 13. This adjustment will occur during the 5/27 Update. 



Energy Consumed


Energy Consumed


Hunt 1~2



Hunt 3~4



Hunt 5~6



Hunt 7~8



Hunt 9~10



Hunt 11~12



Hunt 13




Furthermore, we will decrease the time for Energy Regen as follows;

  • Previous: 1 energy / 5 minutes
  • After improvement: 1 energy / 4 minutes


In addition to these reduction measures, we also have changes mentioned in the Future Update Preview Notice such as 

relieving the requirements for obtaining certain Connection Heroes, Specialty Change Heroes, opening Episode 2 Exchange, and other missions that require repetitive stage completions. We hope these measures can also help reduce the 

amount of energy consumed.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


3. MolaGora & Friendship Level Increase Items

Are there any plans to increase the places where MolaGora can be obtained? 

Are there any plans to reduce the amount of MolaGora required? 

Are there any plans to regularly provide items that increase the Friendship Level?


Many Heirs submitted questions regarding MolaGora. The main issue was that it is difficult to obtain sufficient MolaGora 

to enhance Heroes, resulting in our Heirs feeling stressed. In order to address this issue, we will increase the number of MolaGora that can be obtained on a monthly basis.

For this improvement, the amount of MolaGora required will be maintained and the amount of MolaGora that can be 

obtained per month will be increased by about 20 ~ 25%. 


- (Previous) 27~28 MolaGora obtainable per month

- (After) 34~36 MolaGora obtainable per month 















Web Event (in effect)





Conquest Point





Guild Shop





Transmit Stone















Side Story





Total (Monthly)




The main objective of this change is to provide our Heirs with an amount that can fully enhance a 5-Star Hero’s skills, by 

checking in and playing the game.

Since April 15, we have increased the amount of MolaGora obtainable from the 3-week Web Events from one to two. 

Furthermore, as announced in the Future Update Preview Notice, we will regularly add a MolaGora Challenge to 

exploration-type Side Stories. In the case of Special Stories, we will add a weekly MolaGora Challenge to enable 

acquiring additional MolaGora. Even in cases where there are Album-type Side Stories, we will add an equivalent amount of MolaGora as rewards, so that our Heir can claim more than 4 MolaGora.

This measure will be implemented from Side Stories that will be available after the 5/27 Update.

Lastly, we will also improve Monthly Check-in Rewards so that an Heir can obtain 1 MolaGora per week.


  This image was taken from our test server and may be different upon release

 Heirs will be able to select different languages upon release. 

The new Check-in Rewards will be applied from the 5/27 Update. If you have rewards claimable from the old Check-in 

Rewards, there will be two Check-in Rewards until you finish claiming the last reward from the old Check-in Rewards. 

Please note that the old Check-in Rewards will not appear anymore upon completion.


Regarding the items that increase the Friendship Level, we are planning to add them in all Sides Stories from June so 

that our Heirs can more readily gain Skill Points by fulfilling Friendship Level requirements. Heirs can view more detailed 

information in the Future Update Preview Notice.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


Additionally, we are currently designing different measures so that our Heirs can more readily use the Skill Point System.


4. Equipment System

Are there any plans to improve Equipment Sets with low pick rates?

- Modification Gem Improvements 

1) Are there any plans to increase the places where Modification Gems can be obtained?

2) What can we do with Modification Gems that are not used?


We agree that certain sets less favored by our Heirs need improvement. We are working on improving Set Effects during an Update in June. We are currently prioritizing the [Injury Set] and [Revenge Set] as the sets that need to be improved. We are also checking if other sets can be improved in a similar timeframe.

However, for sets greatly favored in the game, such as the Speed Set, given that our Heirs have long been farming for these Equipment, and that having Hero Combination for Wyvern is one of the most important objectives in-game, we’ll 

gradually improve set options so that our Heirs experience regarding Equipment Sets do not change dramatically.

Furthermore, we are trying to include improvements in Modification Gems in Advent-type Side Story, which we mentioned in the Future Update Preview Notice. 

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


5. Leveling Difficulty

- Are there any plans to improve the difficulty in areas related to leveling, such as plans to allow more than one type of 

Phantasma to be part of the team, the Hero Rank System, etc.

- Are there any plans to make Battle QoL improvements?


There will be improvements in many aspects regarding acquisition, growth, and content so that our Heirs can better 

acquire Heroes that they want. We’ll also remove complex and unnecessary factors that hinder the growth of Heroes. 

Please refer to the Update Preview Notice below

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


6. Balance

- Requests for balance adjustments to certain heroes

Are there any plans to reduce the Balance Adjustment cycle?

- What are the criteria for selecting heroes for balance adjustment?

- Are there any plans to increase the number of Exclusive Equipment released?


1) Requests for Balance Adjustment of Certain Heroes

Although we have received many questions from our Heirs about which Heroes will receive a balance adjustment, we cannot inform our Heirs of which heroes will or will not receive a balance adjustment. We ask for our Heirs' understanding of 


Change in Meta is caused by numerous factors including Balance Adjustment; It occurs not only from buffing Hero abilities or direct Balance Adjustments, but also indirectly from the release of new Artifacts, new Exclusive Equipment, Artifact adjustments, and change in the World Arena Battle Frenzy Effect.

Due to the factors mentioned above, it is very difficult for us to pre-announce if certain heroes are planned to have a 

Balance Adjustment. We inform our Heirs of Balance Adjustments only when there has been enough preparation such as tests and any follow-up revisions.


2) Standard by which Heroes are selected for Balance Adjustments

The Heroes to receive a balance adjustment are decided by analyzing various factors such as PvP Meta, the necessity of certain Heroes in PvE, etc. Furthermore, we are trying our best not to include Heroes of similar roles, and to also have an equal distribution of 3-5 Star Heroes.


3) Plans to Accelerate the Pace at which Balance Adjustments Occur

Our Heirs have long been voicing accelerating the pace at which Balance Adjustments occur. However, the human 

resources and the time we put in for Balance Adjustment Review are increasing compared to before to fully (1) analyze the meta in Live Game service, (2) select which Heroes to be adjusted, and (3) Quality Assure such adjustments to Heroes and Artifacts. The time and human resources that we put in have been continuously increasing since there are more Heroes and Artifacts. We want to ask our Heirs for their understanding as it is really very difficult for us to increase the pace at which Balance Adjustments occur, or increase the number of Heroes to be adjusted per period.


4) Plans to increase the number of Exclusive Equipment Released

We recognize that our Heirs have to wait longer periods till the release of Exclusive Equipment for their favorite Heroes as the total number of Heroes has increased. We’ll try to address this issue by releasing three Exclusive Equipment at once, if possible, from the 6/10 update. We are currently not considering Exclusive Equipment for Moonlight 5 Star Heroes and Specialty Change Heroes.


7. Conquest Points and Charms

- Plans to Expand Acquisition Channel of Charms and Conquest Point 

Regarding the scarcity of Conquest Points and Charms acquisition, Epic Seven plans to have the following updates.

We will increase the amount of Conquest Points provided, and decrease the amount of Conquest Points used. 


First, Arena Achievements will be added. These Achievements can be cleared upon reaching a certain league in Arena. 

Conquest Points will be given as a reward. Heirs who have already completed these missions can also claim the rewards.


  This image was taken from our test server and may be different upon release

 Heirs will be able to select different languages upon release. 

Additionally, we’ll adjust the prices of Arena Equipment. From a certain point of time, according to the numbers of Seasons passed, we’ll discount the price by 10% so that our Heirs can have less stress acquiring Conquest Points. Over time, 

outdated Arena Equipment will be sold at a maximum of 70% discount.

Thirdly, we’ll be designing a buff item for Conquest Points. Upon activating this item, additional Conquest Points can be obtained during the designated period.

We will provide this item to newcomers first to facilitate our new Heirs entering Arena. Then, we will provide this item through events to minimize negative effects to balance. We hope that in the end, this item can benefit both newcomers and current Heirs to acquire the currencies required.


Last but not least, we’ll decrease the rates at which low-level equipment is dropped from Side Story, and increase the rate at which Charms are dropped so that our Heirs can more easily acquire Charms.

8. Hero Releases / Summon

- Are there any plans to improve the difficulty of acquiring Moonlight Heroes and Moonlight Elemental Summon Tickets?- Will more heroes be added to the Hero Rotation cycle for the Coin Shop?     

- Drop Rate Up Event

i) Are there any plans to shorten the Drop Rate Up event rotation cycle?
ii) Will improvements be made to the Group Summon system?

- Will you release different types of heroes and share the Summon schedule for already released heroes. 


1) Are there any plans to improve the difficulty of acquiring Moonlight Heroes and Moonlight Elemental Summon Tickets?

During the 5/27 update, we will add Moonlight Connection Content (tentative name) from which our Heirs can select a 

given 5 Moonlight Hero. Please refer to the Update Preview Notice.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


Our Heirs have inquired about Elemental Summons for Light and Dark elements. We are currently planning to add them as rewards for new content scheduled for the 3rd quarter. We will also add them to the list of purchasable items in the 

Coin Shop. We will give more details about the schedule via Notices.


2) Will more heroes be added to the Hero Rotation cycle for the Coin Shop?     

We are also planning to increase the number of exchangeable Heroes from Coin Shops. As of 5/9, there are 25 5-star 

Moonlight Heroes in total. We will add two 5-star Moonlight Heroes to the Coin Shop from the rotation in June. This change will let our Heirs acquire a Hero that they want twice a year including from Mystic Summons.

However, as we designed Coins based on the acquisition of Duplicates of 5-star Heroes, we do not plan to provide Coins for duplicate 4-star Hero Summons. We kindly ask you for your understanding on this issue.


3) Drop Rate Up Event

i) Are there any plans to shorten the Drop Rate Up event rotation cycle?
ii) Will improvements be made to the Group Summon system?


We use the following standards to decide whether a Hero will be included in the Drop Rate Up

- Heroes who have had a long time pass since their last Drop Rate Up

- Heroes actively used by our Heirs

However, there are some cases for Heroes whose Drop Rate Up occurs more frequently than others due to the release of new skins. We are also trying to refrain from having too many Drop Rate Ups occurring at the same time since this can 

stress our Heirs. But there’s also an issue where the number of Heroes in Epic Seven are increasing, making our Heirs wait longer for Drop Rate Ups of certain Heroes. To address this issue, we are currently discussing ideas such as adding Group Summons for Regular Covenant Heroes or adding a new type of Summon. 


We developed the Group Summon System to address the issue where there are many Limited Heroes present in Epic Seven. However, we recognize preferences for this system vary according to the different Hero Pools that our Heirs have. 

Thus we’ll use regular Drop Rate Up summons as a rule of thumb for newly released Heroes and launch Group 

Summons only when there are special cases where multiple Heroes from previous Drop Rate Ups have to be provided. 

During this time, we’ll have a Group Summon not just for Limited Heroes, but also for regular Covenant Heroes. 

Lastly, just as we conducted Diene’s Drop Rate Up via Ballots from our Heirs, we’ll have an occasional event where our 

Heirs can vote for a Hero to be in the Drop Rate Up. We hope that our Heirs can have the opportunity to summon Heroes that many of our Heirs want to summon.


4) Will you release different types of heroes and share the Summon schedule for already known heroes. 

 Known Heroes: Schedule for Straze, Ilynav, Senya, Rabbit Kayron Skin, Moonlight Kayron

 Schedule for new Male Heroes, Specialty Change Mercedes, etc. 

We have briefly revealed the Heroes soon to come to Epic Seven in the Update Preview Video. These Heroes are soon 

to visit Orbis as our Heirs wish.

  Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


Heirs especially from the Global and Asia server asked about schedules for new male Heroes or new Suin Heroes. In 

Episode 4, starting the second half of this year, our Heirs will be able to meet male Heroes such as Vildred’s Teacher who taught him swordsmanship, and other Suin Heroes in the new Continent. 


9. Arena / World Arena

- Arena/World Arena Blind Function Expansion

- Arena Abusing Prevention

- Another Rank in World Arena


First off, we’ll constantly implement Blind Day for Arena Champion V and above. After the last Arena Update, we’ve changed the number of points acquired from a battle to a fixed 10. In order to address the inflation in points, we’ll take the following measures.

- Permanent application of Blind Day (Champion V and Above)

 Arena Points will be shown

- Points Acquired will be changed (Will be applied from 5/31 Pre-Season)

 Upon Victory, acquired points will vary according to the difference between my point and the opponents’ points. (change back to the previous system)

Since players have to know the difference between their points and the opponents’ points to fully understand the resulting changes in their points prior to attacking an opponent, we’ll apply the above measures. We hope this change can also 

serve as a preventive measure to abuse in Arena.


Furthermore, there were inquires regarding the issue where our Heirs can predict the opponent’s picks, bans, and Equipment settings. As of now, we regard this as one of the strategies to content. For example, our Heirs can use these known stereotypes to force bans & picks, and twist the stereotypes to differently build a Hero and counter. However, as we are 

always calibrating rules for every season, we’ll further review and discuss this phenomenon, and will take action if 

benefits for the change are higher. We’ll give our Heirs a heads-up notice if there are changes to be applied.


Adding a new Rank in World Arena

We will be adding a new Rank in July, the timeframe for a new World Arena Season.

We expect to solve the issues where there is a large gap among Champion Rank and the issue where many of our Heirs did not try Legend Rank, whose cutoff was way too high. We hope our Heirs can have a better objective to accomplish in World Arena.


10. Absolute Resistance

- Questions Regarding the Removal of Absolute Resistance in PvE Content

All Heroes, Artifacts, and Monster Battle Balance are designed upon Absolute Resistance. Thus, if we happen to remove  this factor, the game balance as a whole will need to be adjusted. The removal of Absolute Resistance and shifting the    game design itself, therefore, is not feasible. For instance, assuming variances resulting from Absolute Resistance can 

cause stress on our Heirs, we designed Epic Seven not to consume Energy upon defeat.

As such, Absolute Resistance functions as an underlying function in Epic Seven. We are sorry that we cannot take any 

action to Absolute Resistance despite our Heirs’ opinions. We kindly ask for our Heirs’ understanding.


11. Content for New Heirs

- Will you introduce new content or improve content for new players?

Improvements in Hero Acquisition and Growths such as Penguin, Phantasma, and Pets are scheduled. Detailed 

information can be found in the Update Preview Notice

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


12. Operation Side Improvements

- Opinions regarding delays in bug fixes

All Community Voices and Reported Bug issues are shared on a daily basis.

Once we’ve found out the cause and solution to issues, we inform our Heirs of the issue details and schedules for fixes 

via a Known Issues Notice.

However, for the recent bug issues regarding Heroes and Exclusive Equipment, we had difficulties finding the root cause of the issues and could not announce details of our measures in progress. We would like to apologize for this issue.

We sympathize with the gravity of this issue and we’ll try new measures upon the fundamental rule of thumb: stable 

service. We have positioned a Director specializing in Battles, additionally hired individuals for Battle Logics, and we’re

conducting a full review. We will try our best not to cause issues of a similar kind.

Once again, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience that we caused our Heirs due to issues related to Heroes’ Skills. 

13. Guild Improvements

- New Guild Content

- Guild Facilitation and Reward Improvements

- Expansion of the number of Guild War Participants


A new Guild-Level cooperative PvE content, Ancient Relic (tentative name), will be released. Please refer to the Update 

Preview Notice for details.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


Furthermore, we are planning to improve functions to facilitate Guild Recruiting and communication among Guild 



Last but not least, as many of our Heirs requested, the number of participants for Guild Wars will be expanded to 30 

members, from 28 members.


14. Catalyst

- Are there any plans to lower the difficulty of obtaining Catalysts? 

Reflecting our Heir’s precious feedback, we’ll improve the difficulty of obtaining catalysts and ways to confirm where to 

gain certain catalysts. Please refer to the Update Preview Notice for details regarding improvements in Catalyst.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


15. Disclosure of Probabilities

- Disclosure of rates for Equipment Drops/Catalyst Drops etc

We’re currently waiting for policy decisions from the corporate level regarding the disclosure of drop rates for Equipment, Catalysts, etc, which will be applied to all games serviced at the corporate level. We’ll further inform our Heirs about rates disclosure in the near future.

Furthermore, we would like to clearly reveal that there is no conditional rates affecting the next enhancement result depending on the previous enhancement when it comes to Equipment Enhancement.


16. Specialty Change/Connection Heroes

- Adjustments in Specialty Change/Connection Missions

We’ll decrease the difficulties for accomplishing designated quests for popular Specialty Change / Connection Heroes in 

the 5/27 Update. Please refer to the Update Preview Notice for details.

 Tap here to view the Update Preview Notice


17. Intellectual Properties / Collaborations

- Which IP have you planned a Collaboration with?
- Are there any plans to release an animation, webtoon, e.t.c? 

First, we would like to thank our Heirs for their enormous support and interest in our Collaboration. We apologize that we cannot reveal the IP with which we are going to have a Collaboration due to contract issues. However, once the time 

comes, we will reveal them to our Heirs without a moment of hesitation!


Furthermore, we are trying to strengthen our Epic Seven Branding before diversifying our IPs. We’ll gradually expand our business with Epic Seven IPs. As of now, we are manufacturing merchandise and Boardgame via contract. In the long 

run, we are planning for the secondary work to Epic Seven. We kindly ask our Heirs for their support and interest.


18. Other Inquiries

- Are there any plans to adjust the difficulty level of adventure in Episode 3?
- Are there any plans for updates to the Guardians?
- Are there any plans to release Epic Seven for PC?

1) Are there any plans to adjust the difficulty level of adventure in Episode 3?

We sympathize that Episode 3 is quite difficult for our Heirs to continue reading through the story and battling through the stages. We occasionally adjust those stages with high failure rates. We’ll be adjusting the curves at which the difficulty increases for the remaining parts of Episode 3 and Episode 4 so that our Heirs can have a more favorable experience while playing Episode stages.


2) Are there any plans for updates to the Guardians?

We would like to first apologize for not updating Guardian content for a very long time. We are well aware of imbalances 

in Guardians and that they are underutilized. We are preparing a way to enhance Guardians in the way that our Heirs 

wish. We are currently discussing ways to not impart stress on our Heirs with Guardian enhancements. We are trying to 

implement this update this year.

After the enhancement update, we plan to add new Guardians, which our Heirs have long been waiting for.


3) Are there any plans to release Epic Seven for PC?

Since Epic Seven is developed using an independent engine optimized for a mobile environment, it is difficult for us to 

convert the game into a PC Client. We would like to ask our Heirs for their understanding that we cannot prioritize developing PC client as of now. 


Our Heir’s valuable feedback leads Epic Seven to continue with its progress and even host an event such as World 



We sincerely thank our Heirs for their interest. We will continue to put utmost effort to bring about the most pleasurable 

gaming experience by listening to our Heirs.


Thank you.


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    BESTCan you at least make your own supported and stable Emulator for E7 If you cant do PC client atm? Playing e7 on a phone for more than 30min is a chore. Dont even get me stated with several hours of Abyss sessions where single miss click forces you to start from the begining. 

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    In the video, the question of recovering Molagora from unused heroes was asked twice, and not answered or aknowledged. In the written notice, the question has disappeared. Do you think we are just going to forget and stop asking? At least, aknowledge it, and explain you won't do it and why, if that's the plan. This feels even worse, because you are aware we want to know, but you ignore it and let us know that you are ignoring it on purpose.

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      This question is very easy to answer lol pls let me ... If you can just recover mola from unused heroes what would stop you from building a hero and then 3 weeks later decide well I'm gonna build another hero and just take all my molas from the other hero I build 3 weeks ago and don't use. What would be the point in collecting anymore molas? You only use around 10-20 heros MAX in the game from i dont know 100(talking about 4 and 5 stars). I have a lot of heroes molad that I currently not use like charls,luna,kise,tene and so on which I could just recall and build another 4 heros which IF I USE they will take the spot of other 4 heros I use and then I could use those 4 to just build another 4 heros and so on, you get the point. This would make the whole mola system irrelevant and I doubt they want that since it brings them money lol 

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      You know, this isn't their fault. Who is the one decided to invest mola into that hero? Yes that you. The importance of a gacha game is managing resources. If you can't do that, don't complain. Heck, they're even give back mola to you when they nerfed a unit.

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    Can you at least make your own supported and stable Emulator for E7 If you cant do PC client atm? Playing e7 on a phone for more than 30min is a chore. Dont even get me stated with several hours of Abyss sessions where single miss click forces you to start from the begining. 

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    You guys have done an Amazing job!

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    Tbh i feel the energy update is still stingy af but overall nice breathtaking update but still 'lacking a few' but whatever, kudos.

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    So when is there gonna be a new male character banner in the main story of Episode 3 continent? My bookmarks are still waiting.

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    so...if I want new male units, I have to wait and deal with all the episode 3 b*tches you've released and those in the near future

    don't you think we've been patient enough ?

    Oh and I hope those new male units will be good upon release

    ...if I have to wait AGAIN, I hope the episode 4 will be all about husbandos 

    just as episode 3 was all about waifus that would justify the pain

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      MASHULOVEBro, when you think about it though, when was the last time a new male unit was released? If I remember correctly, Mortelix came out the December of last year... That's 5 months-- almost a half a year. 
      I, for one, am glad that at least they're FINALLY showing us something. I'm happy to get some news than none at all. But I think it's totally understandable for others to grow impatient. I think you'd grow impatient and start to act entitled too if you wanted waifus, but had to deal with half a year of just husbandos.

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      epic7#nhrlcgyou deserve a free hug 

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    "Last but not least, as many of our Heirs requested, the number of participants for Guild Wars will be expanded to 30 

    members, from 28 members."

    Absolutely stupid. Jesus... you really want people to stop caring about GVG entirly, don't you?

    I'm not talking about 99% of you people here, but for Top Guilds this change is really bad. Good job .

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      I am actually curious here:
      How is that a bad change?
      I mean, you can still bench two people if you want to punish bad performance,right?

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    Very good update. Really happy that the 2 members that are benched can finally join the GW. 

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    Just amazing work, thank you for all your hard work. 

    Idiots in this forum really should learn to stop complaining about every little thing they dislike because it shows they have miserable lives.

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    No mention of the SC we all deserve but never asked for.....

    For real though, I wish SG cared about Guild Wars

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    so... where is ML Kayron tho?

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    (Spanish) gracias smilegate por el 5* ml gratis, llevo un año y medio jugando y solo tengo a operator sigret :D espero con ansias el parche

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    Glad most of my questions were answered. Also poppin off already for episode 4! Husbando hunters patience will be rewarded. And apparently we'll have ML Charles, Kawerik, and Straze to hold us in the meantime. Thanks SG

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      Glad they answered my question regarding Bunny Kayron and Straze too, and grateful for that. Ml Charles and Kawerik news is great and hoping the chances of getting them with mystics compared to bookmarks.

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    2021.05.09 21:31 (UTC+0)

    All in all, great summary of a Q&A.. I don't understand however, how the whole balance of the game would shift by removing the absolute resistance on certain PvE content. No one asked it to be removed from everywhere, but at least on content, where it just doesn't matter. No one watches their 20x Hunt runs from start to end and no one cares what happens in it. What matters is the time wasted in those runs, where you fail so often due to 15% resistance that it seems like 50/50. I'd rather have to gear 200% effectiveness for safe runs, than 65% effectiveness and having 10 out of 20 runs fail. Time management is just as precious as energy management.

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