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Senya needs a buff [5]

She seems to be underwhelming for what she needs to do. A few changes would make her more interesting.

1) Counter attacking stance should be changed to a permanent buff once s3 is used. This would also help Erlaven who has the same issue. 

2) s2 damage should trigger effects from life leech or artifacts.  The buffs should be granted for 2 turns. 

If this is still considered too weak , then it should also have a chance to provide invicibility/revive randomly.

3) Her skills need a higher multiplier or higher hit chance to be a better counter to current meta units.

4) her artifact should provide an additional bonus to help her survive.

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    2021.05.08 23:44 (UTC+0)

    Imo one of her problems is that attacking her with non-crit hit deals small dmg and therefore doesn't punish the attacker too much. If they increased it by at east 50% it could be much better.

    I also think Taurus Knight has somewhat low stats, particularly Attack, and it could be buffed.

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    2021.05.09 00:59 (UTC+0)

    honestly just increase sprite bust and shes legendary viable

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    2021.05.09 02:49 (UTC+0)

    if my predict is right, she will get buff together with sir morth, just wait and hope my friend

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    2021.07.17 12:11 (UTC+0)

    Honestly asking those buffs are too much, i would just ask like make her S2/S1 ignore some Defense like 15% or 20%, and make her 2nd skill 2 turn instead of 1 turn(and if its too strong just make that it can only trigger every 3/4 turn once), the rest well the team still needs to support her i guess since she's still vulnerable to cleanse/ debuffs

    But honestly please buff her, any type of buff is good(its better than nothing)

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