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gear lvl85 epic and heroic +15 Q [2]

is the lvl of the gear effect the main stats or the rarity ???. like spd on  boots on EPIC BOOTS lvl85 +15 have 40spd. is it the same on heroic BOOTS???

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    2021.05.03 13:25 (UTC+0)

    I think it doesnt change.. lv 85 epic or heroic is the same at +15.. only the substat are different.. heroic as 4 at the start and epic has 3.. the only exception is lv88 gear, the main stat reach the maximum without upgrading the lv85 gear to lv90.. and substat of lv88 usually are base max

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    2021.05.04 02:56 (UTC+0)

    In terms of speed main stat boots, 70 class gear (so 70 gear and anything that rolls like 70 gear such as event/prize 71 gear, caps at 35. 85 class gear (so your 75s up to 85) cap at 40. Your 90 class gear, that being 88 gear from arena/tower/labyrinth, and your reforged 85 gear, cap at 45. 

    Rarity only effects the number of sub-stats the gear starts with, which can therefore effect the theoretical maximum roll possible on a given substat. I'll use 85 gear as an example since you can't get non-epic 88 gear. The max roll on spd for 85 gear is 5. If you have epic (red) 85 gear, in theory you can hit 30 spd by rolling max every time. For heroic (purple) gear, the max would be 25 since your roll at +12 has to go to adding the fourth substat instead of rolling into an existing stat. For blue gear you drop down to 20 b/c +9 and +12 are adding subs.

    Hope that helps. 

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