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Need Help in completing Episode 3 3-10 (Southern Winterburg) Boss Fight. [2]

its been weeks that i'm stuck trying to beat Brinus and most of the time My team gets wipped easily due to either Kanna or two fodder units who always kill them off after kanna's attack or counter attack

Usual Heroes I mostly use are as follow

Knights: Ras, Lilias, Bask, Krau, Mort, Falconer Kluri (Except Krau, they're 6 Stars and all fully upgraded)

Warriors: Luna, Commander Lorina, Mercenary Helga (Except Helga they're 6 Stars and all fully upgraded)

Thieves: Karin, Celine, Ervalen, Vildred, Blood Blade Karin (all 6 stars and fully upgraded)

Rangers: Schuri, Seaside Bellona, Bellona (Except Bellona the rest are fully upgraded and 6 stars) 

Mages: Researcher Carrot, Tenebria, Vivian, Celestial Mercedes (All fully upgraded and 6 stars)

Soul Weavers: Angelica, Destina and Angelic Montmorancy (Angelica is missing 2 level ups for her skills but 6 stars (First skill, her normal attack), Destina is also similiar and missing 2 skill points on her normal attack and Mont got all her skill on max level except she isn't 6 stars)

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    2021.05.02 13:15 (UTC+0)

    Its really recommended to play defensive on this one.

    Really hard, but i think you can do it if you just use a healer (preferably cleanse) and SEASIDE BELLONA. She carried my ass here (thank *** the friend system existed)

    If the buffs annoy you, you can bring in aoe dispel (like yufine) or aoe debuffer (dizzy is a godsend)

    Be sure to be quite tanky, and find a good friend with good stats. That's all, i wish you good luck

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    2021.09.06 08:18 (UTC+0)

    Dear SmileGate, please reduced this difficult stage story.. Brinus Cheater.. 

    Episode 3 (3.10).. Kanna and 2 soldier i kill but suddenly full health this is cheat!!!!

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