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Mock Battle Additional Feature Please

Dear SG, could we have a same hero unit mode in mock battle?
I think this feature could add a bit of twist and fun. Even a mirror mode would be nice a feature.
Imagine each player gets to pick 3 hero(one would be obviously banned) each turn only and what the pick will be mirrored.

For example,

Player 1 pick: Hero A, Hero B, Hero C
Player 2 pick: Hero D, Hero E, Hero F
Player 1 ban: Hero E

Player 2 ban: Hero C

Final heroes will be mirrored on each player, thus both players will have:

Player 1 team: Hero A, Hero B, Hero D, Hero F

Player 2 team: Hero D, Hero F, Hero A, Hero B

As for same hero unit mode enabled,
Both players can still pick the same hero unit picked by opponents.
It's just like doing Arena.

I'm surprised this haven't been done yet tbh it'll be a good mock battle and fun.

Edit (additional):
Random ability.
All final heroes selected by players will have their abilities shuffled on both players.
It will a fun trolling game, and a test of rng. I think more feature should be able in mock battle to bring in more players for the fun.

Just my humble opinion, hope it will get noticed and considered. Thanks!

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