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Sokloeum / Global / Don't provoke the bunnies

1) In-game nickname = Sokloeum
2) Server = Global
3) Title of your artwork = Don't provoke the bunnies

Fairytale Tenebria, being the great hostess she is, gives the enemies some tea. Hmmm, the enemies look a bit dazed. It can't be the tea, right? Oh my, now the enemies are poking Bunny Knight Senya and Martial Bunny Ken. I guess they don't seem to like being poked. I hope the enemies like carrots...

(I initially had plans to draw Fairytale Tenebria, Katenka, Artena, and Agnes having a picnic, but I only got to finish Katenka's rough. If there's ever another spring or food-related contest then I'll probably have to finish that one.)

Anyway, I hope you like it! Please don't provoke the bunnies though :3!

~ Sokloeum

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