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I need help. [4]

I know I’m gonna sound like a dumb a** if this is easy but, how do you use breezy earth connections ? I’m really confused cause they said it would be in summons.

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To access the elemental summons, you need to be at least account rank 50.

You need to be on a higher level to view elemental summons bud

I don’t see the elemental summon at all, thank you for the reply though.

You should be able to see have many breezy earth connection bookmarks you have if you look under “elemental summons” in the summons section:3 (the “connections” are those funny shaped bookmarks you get from world boss) they are two kinds, one for normal summons and one for 4-5* heros :)

Hope this answered your question!
good luck with your grind! <3

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