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Abyss Floor 104 [Guide & Clear] No Dragon Method!

  • PlaybyPlayGaming
  • 2021.04.19 10:44 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 592

This floor was something else! No matter what units I brought, I would get wiped. Tried different comps as you'll see in the video but my rng didn't line up just right. Figured I would try and cheese it! First phase is all about protecting Arby and making sure he doesn't go down. Phase 2, the timing of the aoe blind has to be right before the mage get's to 50% and tries to absorb the mini dragons. After that, its just taking down the mage. How hard was this floor for you? Any possible replacements for Arby? Maybe Dizzy?
#Abyss #Floor104 #CheeseMethod

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