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(Venting post) Who is your favorite husbando/wafu in E7 and why? [31]

Warning: This post contains some stupid and ridiculous paranoid from a degenerated man. Think twice before you continue. You have been warned.

Since the day I join E7 community, I've seen many people post about their waifu/husbando, (mostly waifu but it's just nitpicking, don't mind it). But, as usual, people like and hate different characters, so I'm kind of curious how and why you fall in love with them. Is it because of their appearance? Their skills? Or you simply just love at the first sight? Tell me, I won't judge you, whether they are characters I hate like Tene or Kanna. I'm just curious, that's all.

It won't be fair if I ask you, but I don't share my story. Again, you have been warned. If you see it annoying you, feel free to tell me and I'll delete it.

Believe it or not, but I didn't really have a waifu at first. I started the game after my friend introduced it to me, and I was extremely impressed by the graphic. I'm always a fan of 2D style, so E7 hooked me up real fast. But I'm a terrible player, so I deleted and started again many times that I forgot to count. This nickname you see is the account I started after the Summer Side story event. But the one character I had a crush on was Elena.

I mean, it's ridiculous, right? It's just a fictional character, and then you fell in love with them and you don't even know why. To me, it was a kind of love at first sight. So how can you be closed with a fictional character? Most of the time, you will create an original character and find a way to put the two of them together. It can be a drawing, or a simpler way, write fanfiction. This is getting weirder, I know.

And then Ray came to the game and you know what happened next. It seemed that SG wants to push them together, and I was disheartened. It was a pretty toxic reaction when you fantasized about someone and they were about to get into a relationship with someone. I won't lie that I am that kind of person. But what can I do? Nothing.

It took me a long time to move on. But the idea for my fanfiction was there, and I had to finish it. I am really not the kind that abandoning my work, and I want a happy ending for Elena. So I just kept writing and I believe some of you already read it. But something happened, and I still can not believe it even today.

The story of my fanfiction took place after EP2, and the Valentine's side story event that the Reingar came to Perlands, and Tamarinne performed there. I was not thinking clearly back there, and I was just trying to put everything together. And then, when I let my OC interact with Tama, I could help but started being attracted to her as the story went on. And now, she becomes my waifu, my most favorite character in E7. But after the valentine's story, I strongly believe that they will push her and Ains together. And no matter how hard I try to be ready for that day to come, I really can't.

That's my story. Thank you for reading. But as I said, who is your favorite husbando/waifu?

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    2021.04.06 15:19 (UTC+0)

    The first character I ever wanted to pull was Krau. Man just looks cool as hell.

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    2021.04.06 15:25 (UTC+0)

    Funny enough, i unironically (and literally) fell in love with Roozid around the time his SC came around, since it ticked just about every box i had. At first i felt like it was stupid, but at this point i learned to stop caring. Cringe culture has no effect on you when you dont care about what other people say. 

    And on your topic, i don't think the tama ains ship will ever actually happen, i think its more of a joke/gag ship if anything.

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    2021.04.06 15:28 (UTC+0)

    I don't "fall in love" with fictional charactes.

    But my favourite ones are A Mont, Ray and Doris. Because their looksand s3 animations are beautiful and I like their characters(the story). 

    I liked Destina a lot at first buuuuut her skin looks like crap in the game. It's frustrating what a poor job they did. Every time she gets sth,a skin or EE, it's ALWAYS Ruele-related. It's almost like she doesn't have a personality of her own. In the story she was also kind of erased at some point. It doesn't help that she's one of the worst heroes in the game. Her only redeeming qualities at this point are her skin's sprite and Erica Lindbeck.

    EDIT Pavel is, imo, the most cool-looking character. But he's so average, I can only hope his ML is as badass looking and more useful&versatile.

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    2021.04.06 15:49 (UTC+0)

    First of all i have a real waifu, but i seems to know how you feel. If you are into anime/manga there is always some characters that is attracted to you. Im not in love with them but there is always a favorite husbando or waifu. For me is Stene, Luna and Cerise, and Husbando are ML Krau and Pavel.

    I really like the shipping between Cerise and Pavel. Maybe you can fantasize to be Ray instead of thinking about that Elena is stolen by Ray XD.

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    2021.04.06 15:49 (UTC+0)

    Cermia - I like per personality and how she look,the va is also good and the voice lines too

    If they make ml cermia I hope it's not something bad

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    2021.04.06 16:21 (UTC+0)

    Not necessarily my waifu but i like SB Aramintha most. Rly love the character design, it fits her lore and personality. Also, her default expression gives off that caring and confident leader vibe person, its cool. This come from someone who likes the character "Justice" from Helltaker, a game.  

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    2021.04.06 17:43 (UTC+0)

    If we are talking purely looks, my top 3 would be Lilibeth, Tenebria and Luna as far as waifus go.

    Lilibeth especially grew on me even more during Arc2 story line once I learned about her backstory. I didnt expect her character to have so much depth. And I do quite like he character design, very nicely done and has a lot of personality. 

    For husbandos I always liked how sick MLKen S3 was. And Chaos Inquisitor is just basass all over.

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    2021.04.06 18:14 (UTC+0)

    Best waifu: Seaside Bellona 

    Best Husbando: Adventurer Ras / Larri Krau (when I pull him) :( 

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    2021.04.06 20:36 (UTC+0)

    Honestly, fiction is what you make of it-- you can take the bits of it you enjoy and ignore the parts you don't enjoy! Good on you for being inspired enough to create fanfics & stories for the characters that you love. ^^ 

    Don't lose hope just because the canon has destroyed what you want-- that's exactly why fanfiction exists, so that you can indulge in the things that the canon didn't do for you. If you want to pair you or your oc with Elena, go for it-- Ray barely gives her the time of day anyways, so I'm certain you could treat her better. ;) And same thing with Ains & Tamarinne! Go ahead, make scenarios that make it work! It's fun to explore characters that way, and you aren't harming anyone in doing so. 

    Also, my favourites are Ray, Lena, and Krau!! ♥️ Ray is sassy and adorable, Lena is strong and optimistic, and Krau is just a funny darling. The sidestory with Lena & Ray made me fall in love with them LOL >w< ❤️

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    2021.04.06 21:49 (UTC+0)

    Hmm... If I had to pick some waifus, that'd be :

    - Melissa, because I love clothes that stick to the skin. It highlights her body lines and slender legs. Just perfect. And her ingame model is sick, too.

    - Lilibet, in part because she also has tight-fitted clothes, but also because she has dark see-through clothes on the front and legs, and I'm a ****** for this kind of stuff (like this, if you don't know what I mean : https://twitter.com/rswxx/status/1240634540063748099 )

    - Specter Tenebria (Dark Tyrant ver.), because... well... because it's that good.

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    2021.04.07 01:33 (UTC+0)

    Somehow this is heartwarming to me. And the first hero i want to pull is SBA and Tenebria, i got SBA with my third galaxy summon in the game. and i was really shocked that i got her that fast.. im using her alwayssss in almost every PVP content. and then tenebria banner comes up and i got her too.. after those 2 i aim for krau. but before his banner even up, i got him from 5* summon ticket.. and i love them very much... and before tenebria i think i aim for choux first. choux is just amazing...

    choux is love. 

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    2021.04.07 01:53 (UTC+0)

    Don't know about "waifu" but dragon-knights, dragon-warriors, is what got me into the game in the first place - Cecilia, Yufine, and Luna. Thought Rose was a dragon at first too. My first fanart of E7 (long time coming) is almost done, and it features Luna. 

    The character that I "grew to love" would probably be Ravi. Wasn't too crazy about her at the start, but started to build her early on because I thought her kit could be interesting. Between her utility as a unit and her story she grew to be one of my favored units.

    I enjoy writing fanfics. While I think the Ains/Tama pairing is supposed to be more about how crazed idol fans can be, less about a truly hopeful romantic interest per se, the beauty of fanfiction, and writing in general, is you can make it whatever you want. With enough planning and skill any story can end up anywhere. 

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    2021.04.07 03:22 (UTC+0)

    First character I ever wanted was ML Tywin, looked amazing, when I finally pulled him I almost cried. I don’t really have a waifu, but cermia and lilibet are both my favorites

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    2021.04.07 06:20 (UTC+0)

    I don't have any waifus or husbandos, just characters I really like or enjoy in general.

    If I had to choose my 1#s I would say Dark Corvus and Eda.

    If it was a Top3 for males it would be D!Corvus, Straze (hopefully he comes out soon lol I'm gonna whale for this man) and either Batisse, Captain Rikoris or Chaos Inquisitor (they can also just share the 3rd place).

    For the gals it would be Eda, Landy and I think BBK.

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    2021.04.07 11:00 (UTC+0)

    Lidica. There is something about a girl with a whip that makes my heart tingling.

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    2021.04.07 12:58 (UTC+0)

    This whole concept of waifu / husbando doesn't exist for me.

     And the heroes that I like:

     Male characters: Riolet, Sez / Spez, LRK, Krau - in my opinion the best male character, my second character from the covenant summon and Rep hero from the very first days of the game to this day.

     Female characters: Cecilia / FCC, Diene, Kise / Sigret, Aramintha.

     It's funny, but I'll also mention Tenebria separately. Because it seems that there are not only heroes that you like, but also those who like you. She is my first 5* covenant summon (banner with Tene + Krau), S. Tene - the first ml 5 * (Galaxy) obtained almost at the beginning of the game, spending 600 bm on F. Tene's banner, I got 3 copies of it, as well as the usual Tene I came across in Tickets and Daily Summon 3-4 times. 

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