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Question - How do the resets work in hell raid? [3]

Hello guys,

I have searched a bit on Youtube about the raid, but i can find, or can't understand, when and how to hell raid bosses work in terms of reset.
Is it a weekly reset? Or monthy? Can i clear all 5 bosses or after killling the queen i can't do it anymore?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bother.

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    2021.04.06 09:28 (UTC+0)

    Reset once per month.  Um . . . left-down corner has countdown reset show.  If you have time . . . 2-3 seconds to look at it.

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    2021.04.06 10:25 (UTC+0)

    In Hell Raid you can only kill 1 boss per entry. So you need to go in 5 times.

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    2021.04.07 04:47 (UTC+0)

    hell raid resets once a month, they have timer in the bottom left

    there are 5 bosses in hell raid, you can only kill 1 per entry meaning you need 5 hell ticket to clear all of them in  the span of 1 month

    the boss will reset each month regardless if you killed any of them so it will not stack to the next month, say you skipped hell raid this month you wont get to kill the bosses twice the following month

    after killing a boss, you can just teleport to it the next time it spawned aka the following month, you only need to kill them once to use the teleport button. 

    i think you got it confused with the normal difficulty when you said weekly reset, only normal difficulty resets weekly. hell difficulty resets based on timer which is 30 days rotation

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