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Rod of Amaryllis or Magaraha's tome on Angelic Momo. [3]

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  • Snarkasus[Rolark]
  • 2021.04.06 01:57 (UTC+0)
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As the title of the thread.  I find that A momo gets more turns with Magaraha but would it be better to go Amaryllis for wyvern 13 if she is my frontline too? Kindly help a noob.

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    2021.04.06 02:24 (UTC+0)

    if wyvern 13, then i vote for rod of ama...

    though, in gvg and pvp, i found myself wanting magaraha.

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    2021.04.06 02:55 (UTC+0)

    I don't use AMomo, but I imagine its hard to go wrong either way. Your tank's role foremost is to keep itself alive to absorb the Wyvern hits. Magahara's will counteract the pushback from the Wyvern's attacks, meaning she's getting more turns, she's getting off more heals, which means she's keeping herself alive. Rod would only really help boost those heals (I doubt your AMomo would benefit much from the ER given her likely build). You'd be hoping that the heals outweigh the fewer turns.  

    I think you're probably better off w/ Magahara. She's only really healing herself if the team comp works properly, and her heals should be enough to keep her alive in that scenario. I'd only switch to Rod if you found that she wasn't healing herself for enough. 

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    2021.04.06 12:45 (UTC+0)

    I use Momo as Wyvern forntliner, and she carried Rod for a long while.
    Rod is a premium art. If you dont have another copy for PVP units, you may try to siwtch to mahagaras on Momo. I did that for exaclty that reason.

    I needed to tweak my build for that, but having Rod on Diene is just better overall.

    Hope that helps

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